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Best things to do in Port au Prince

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Things to do in Port au Prince - Haiti

Welcome to Haiti, a Caribbean country located on the island of Hispaniola, that it shares with the Dominican Republic. Known as the “pearl of the Antilles”, it is the third largest country in the Caribbean and the second most populous with a population of over 10 million people.

Slowly rebuilding after the Earthquakes of 2010 the country is endowed with a number of attractions including waterfalls and ancient ruins – it is a destination that is very budget-friendly and offers all the gifts that you would find in most of the Caribbean nations.

  • Fort Dimanche

    Known to be one of the most gruesome places in the old Haiti, the Fort Dimanche located near La Saline is a former Prison. With extreme conditions the Prison was often described as a “death sentence” for anyone sent there with most of its prisoners dying of malnutrition, torture and dehydration leading to the death of over 3,000 inmates buried in a mass grave outside the prison. In 1987 the Fort Dimanche was converted into a national monument but is gore past still remains fresh in memories.

  • Sans Souci Palace

    The Sans Souci Palace built in 1813 was the official Residence of King Christophe I of Haiti. Situated in the site of a formal French plantation in Milot, Nord 5 kilometers off the Citadelle Laferrière, the palace was a thing of beauty and the most important of places post-colonization. Built to boast the nation’s former colonial masters that “the black race” was capable of great architectural feats, its designs are inspired by major palaces across Europe. Currently, in ruins the Palace has suffered from several natural disasters most especially the earthquake in 1842 which destroy major parts of it.

  • Saut-d’Eau Waterfalls

    More than just a natural occurrence of nature, the Saut-d’Eau Waterfalls is one of the most sacred places in Haiti. Named Le Saut which is French for waterfall, it is located 60 miles (96.56 km) north of Port Au Prince – the falls became reverent when claims of the appearance of the Virgin Mary at a palm tree nearby gained audience among the locals. On July 14 -16 the waterfalls become the site for the Festival of Our Lady, as well as various voodoo rituals featuring baptism and devotional activities.

  • Citadelle Laferrière

    With wars usually come great works, the Citadelle Laferrière is one of those works. Also known as the Citadelle Henri Christophe - the man who built it and key personnel in Haiti’s fight for independence from France early in the 19th century. The massive stone structure has become an icon for Haiti and was built as fortifications to protect the newly independent nation of Haiti from attacks by outside forces.

  • Barbancourt Distillery

    Recognized as the best distillery in Haiti, the Barbancourt distillery dates back to the 1862. With its products sold all over the world, it is best to see where the famous drinks are produced – a typical visit of the distillery allows visitors walk through its various rooms with brief educational talks.  Throughout the visit there are several tasting sessions as well.

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