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Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Alps and within easy striking distance of the beguiling Italian Lakes, Bergamo is one of Northern Italy’s hidden gems. While the city is often viewed as a gateway to Milan, Bergamo has an identity all of its own. Ruled by the Venetians for nearly four centuries, the city is divided into two distinct halves. Perched precariously on steep sub-Alpine hillsides, the old town, known as Bergamo Alta, is a tangle of medieval streets and cobbled piazzas bedecked in the heraldry of the Venetian Republic and encircled by five kilometers of imposing city walls. Below the old town lies the new town, known as Bergamo Bassa, whose tenement-lined streets are a reminder that Lombardy was a center for the Italian Industrial Revolution.

  • Città Alta

    With 16th-century Venetian walls that stand steadfast in the ancient city of Città Alta, the Rocca di Bergamo maintains a very impressive stance. The city of Città Alta has alleys that are painted in warm colors to portray just how much Italy takes its heritage seriously while keeping up with contemporary art. As a piece of evidence, there are numerous upscale and exclusive restaurants, cafes and boutiques that are sited alongside medieval cafes, wine bars and pizzerias. Apart from these, Città Alta is also home to other wonderful sights including the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore which depicts Romanesque architecture, the arcaded Palazzo Della Ragione and the popular Capella Colleoni with it's painstakingly detailed marble facade.

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  • Franciacorta Wine Region

    Of all the things that Italy is known for, there are two very prominent ones - excellent pizza and exquisite wine. These are the two things that cannot be taken away from Italy. The Franciacorta Wine region is one of such locations with a wealthy back story in Italy's wine history. It can be found nestled in the hills of Lombardy in northern Italy just south-east of the foot of Lake Iseo and should be your first stop on your Italian wine tasting travels.

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  • Accademia Carrara Museum

    If you have a desire to check out some art, then you should visit a wholesome repository such as The Academia Carrara. As one of the most notable art academies and exclusive art galleries in Bergamo, it remains a site for allowing the eyes feast on the finest of arts. It has a history dating back to between the 15th-19th century where it was established using the best works from leading fine artists at the time.

  • Civic Museum of Natural Sciences

    The Museo di Scienze Naturali Enrico Caffi remains the oldest museum that can be found in Bergamo. It is one of the sites that are worth checking out especially since it is a family friend museum which implies that you can always visit with your family. The Museo di Scienze Naturali Enrico Caffi has a huge collection of fossils and an impressive reassembly of various extinct animals.

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