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Things to do in Cinque Terre - Italy

Stretching between the seaside resort of Levanto and the port of La Spezia, the Cinque Terre is one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world. The region’s name comes from the five pastel hued fishing villages that are wedged near vertically into the coastline’s rugged coves and cliffs. Visitors can walk between the five villages on vertiginous paths that hug the cliff sides while the less adventurous can hop on a vintage railway that connects the villages through a series of ingenious tunnels. The villages have scarcely changed since the late-medieval period and were rightly designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Today, the villages can become swarmed with tourists in the peak-summer months. However, a visit to the Cinque Terre in spring or autumn remains one of Italy’s most enchanting experiences.

  • Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre

    Cinque Terre is home to many pretty faces and some of the tastiest street food that you can find in Italy all at the Parco Nazionale Delle Cinque Terre. Since its establishment in 1999, this park has over 5000 residents although it is one of the smallest in Italy. The Parco Nazionale Delle Cinque Terre can be found in the La Spezia province in Italy.

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  • Church of San Giovanni Battista

    Italy is well-known for its architectural history and you can get a glimpse of this from the design of the Church of San Giovanni Battista. This 14th-century wonder with a glorious façade of white and black marbles was constructed Gothic style and has an impressively styled rose window attached.

  • Wine Tasting Tour

    The Italian culture takes wines as a massive deal and is entirely necessary for various celebratory occasions, eating meals or even while relaxing. In order to have a feel of the Italian wine culture, a wine tasting tour is just perfect. Of all the wine tasting tours that Italy has to offer, the Cinque Terre tour remains the best. What better way to enjoy your tour than to sail the breathtaking Italian Riviera while drinking the exquisite wines of Manarola.

    Cinque Terre Wine Tour with Tasting

  • Boat Tour

    An exciting boat tour of the elegant coastline of Cinque Terre is an experience that nobody should miss out on. Along the way, the beautiful and colorful towns and cities are bound to take your breath away. After your tour of the amazing Ligurian sea, it would be time to relax and take in the beautiful sunset while the dolphins swim past. For a romantic getaway, this is perfect.

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