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Things to do in Milan - Italy

Italy is blessed with so many amazing cities, each of them special in its unique way. One of such cities is Milan, known to be the “fashion capital of Europe”, it is one of those cities that seems tailored for your every pleasure with its ancient architectural buildings, high–end restaurants and delightful Italian cuisine.

The city of Milan is Italy’s second most populous city after Rome and it is the capital of Lombardy located in northern Italy. Some of its major tourist attractions include the Milan Cathedral, San Siro Stadium and La Scala Opera.

  • Milan Cathedral

    The Milan cathedral also known as Duomo di Milano is situated in Lombardy. The cathedral is the largest church in Italy and the fourth largest in the world. Completed in 1965, it has a capacity of 40,000 and was designed by several architects and engineers. The cathedral dedicated to the Nativity of St. Mary, is a major tourist spot and not only do visitors get to admire the building’s architectural work, there are also amazing artworks to enjoy. Some of these artworks include the sculpture of Saint Bartholomew and a white marble Sculpture by Tony Cragg.

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  • La Scala Opera

    Italy is often regarded as the home of opera, so it is only normal that one of its biggest cities should have an opera house. Opened in 1778, it was initially known as the New Royal-Ducal Theater alla Scala. The La Scala Opera designed by Italian architect Giuseppe Piermarini has a capacity of 2,030. Over the years the best stars of music, such as Antonio Salieri have performed at the La Scala Opera, asides performances it is also offers training in music, stage management and dance. A must visit for music and opera lovers.

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  • The Last Supper

    The last supper is a painting by Famous Italian Artist Leonardo da Vinci, housed in the Covent of Santa Maria Delle. The 15th century painting depicts the reactions of each of Jesus’s disciples when he told them that one of them would betray him. The painting has been a subject of many speculations and conspiracies theories by authors and revisionists who try to depict its “hidden messages”.

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  • Italian Cuisine

    One of the reasons why Milan receives so many visitors’ year after year is because of its dishes. The Italian cuisine has taken several years to evolve by careful study of the best methods and practices. Its main dishes include Pizza, Bottarga, Risotto and Polenta, they can be found in any of the numerous restaurants round the city.

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  • San Siro Stadium

    Italy is regarded as one of the powerhouses of European football, the nation is a football loving one and boast of numerous football stadiums. In Milan the number one stadium is the San Siro, completed in 1926, it has a capacity of 80,018 making it the largest stadium in Italy. Its official name is the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, it is the home of the A.C. Milan and Inter Milan. Tourists are often advised to come and see the derby between both teams to witness how Italians watch football.

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