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Best things to do in Kingston

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Things to do in Kingston - Jamaica

Kingston is one of the most popular cities in the Caribbean with a wealthy heritage. It is the capital of Jamaica famed for its Reggae music, carnivals and constant export of stars like Bob Marley, Damian Marley and Usain Bolt. With a not so large population it is regarded as a good tourist site and it is certain to give an awesome experience to every visitor.

  • Bob Marley Museum

    Jamaica is often regarded as the home of reggae music, so it comes as no surprise that one of the best reggae artist is from its shores. Bob Marley is known to be the leader of the reggae music and it was only right that he should be immortalized. The Bob Marley Museum located at his family owned resident gives both an overview and in depth description of his life, from early childhood to his death. This is a must visit for any lover of music not just particularly reggae.

    Bob Marley Museum Tour

  • Devon House

    Devon house is one of the most phenomenon landmarks in Kington and it is steeped in the very heritage of Jamaica. Built in 1881 it is the architectural dream of George Stiebel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire. It is a mix of Georgian and Caribbean Architecture, beautifully furnished with antique collections. The best place for anyone who wants to know what Jamaica’s heritage is all about.

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  • Blue Mountains

    If you are a lover of the outdoors and an adventurer then the blue mountains are for you, they attract thousands of tourists yearly. Blue Mountains is the longest mountain with a peak at 7402ft (2.26 km) and spans over four parishes namely Portland, St. Mary, St. Thomas and St. Andrew. An excellent place for hikers and often take 4 to7 hours to reach the summit on a clear day depending on your speed and how you want to enjoy the experience.

    Blue Mountain Hike Tour

  • Tour Port Royal

    Widely known as “The wickedest City on Earth” because  of the atrocities that happened there performed by pirates. Yes, Pirates. Founded in 1518 it was one of the most important shipping ports in the Caribbean, but has since been rocked by major natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding that left it almost in ruins. If you are intrigued about Sea Stories and Pirates, you should visit this place.

    Port Royal Heritage Tour

  • Kington Carnivals

    Jamaican are very lively people and there is usually a form of celebration happening every night. The nightlife is very amazing and it is an avenue to be fully immersed in the Culture. Dance, food and music are always on offer. To go a step further in Kingston celebrations there are Carnivals that happen in the early parts of the year between late February and April. Usually a spectacle of art, with amazing costumes, art works and entertainment on offer. Anyone who is interested in the party lifestyle should feel at home in Kingston, it is a delight.

  • National Gallery of Jamaica

    Located in Kingston, the National Gallery of Jamaica began in 1974 it is filled with several art pieces to show the magnificent heritage of the Jamaican and Caribbean people with featured works from notable artist like Edna Manley. They host different workshops (you can create something personal for yourself to take home) and events at various times. It is no doubt an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

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