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Things to do in Amman - Jordan

With just a fraction of the ancient ruins of Cairo, little of the religious history of Jerusalem and none of the grand medieval monuments of Damascus, visitors to the Middle East easily overlook Amman. Mostly created in the 20th century, Amman is one of the region’s hidden gems with a clutch of world-class attractions combined with buzzing contemporary redevelopment. Overlooking the city is the iconic Citadel, which contains a selection of Roman and Ummayad structures, including the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace, while nearby a 2nd century AD amphitheater is fast becoming the city’s in fact emblem. Beyond the history, Amman is a modern city where visitors can get a taste for contemporary Arab culture with the streets thronging with elegant cafes, stylish boutique and innovative art galleries.

  • Amman Citadel

    Sitting atop the Jabal al-Qala’a Hill is the Amman Citadel. The Citadel already looks pretty impressive from outside with the ancient Roman Hercules pillars and the Umayyad Palace complex that is covered with a large dome. The Jordan Archaeological Museum is found inside this citadel and is popularly known for exhibiting old artifacts from ancient times. Also, within this same citadel is the National Gallery of Fine Arts where recent artworks from all around the world can be found.

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  • Roman Theatre

    The Romans were known to always host competitions and extravagant festivals at their large theaters. Wherever the Romans ruled, they built these theaters, and that is why Amman has one of such theaters too. The theater at Amman was built during the rule of Emperor Antonius Pius between 138 and 161 CE. The theater still stands today and receives a fair share of visitors.

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  • Dead Sea

    Lying across the border between Jordan and Israel is the Dead Sea. In fact, the Dead Sea is a  lake that has no fish in it due to its saltiness, and that is why the lake is called the Dead Sea. The view of the lake from its shores is a sight to behold while the Negev desert behind it is awe-inspiring.

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