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Things to do in Pristina - Kosovo

Easy to fall in love with, Pristina is one of those cities that seems to capture the needs and desires of most travelers. Situated near the Golijak mountains, it is the capital and largest city in Kosovo – with the most of its population affiliated with Albanians.

Attracting thousands of tourists yearly, the city’s attractions are well blended to suit every category of visitors - with worthwhile museums, galleries and natural gifts, it is obvious to see why the love for Pristina has grown steadily over the years.

  • Newborn Monument

    More than just carved out letters, the Newborn Monument is one of the symbols of Pristina. Unveiled in on February 17, 2008, its located right in front of the Palace of Youth and Sports - it serves as a reminder of Kosovo’s independence from Serbia. The monument’s yellow colors represent the European Union and Kosovo as well.

  • National Library

    No matter how many times you visit this library it will always send thoughts flooding through your mind. Its general appearance and architecture is very uncommon – covered in lattice of fence like metal, giving the library an old prison essence and also symbolizing the nation’s bravery through the war it has faced in the past. Established in 1944, the library certainly does not lack for content – with over 2 million items including manuscripts, magazines, pictures, journals and books. It also has a 1350 amphitheater, meeting hall and a large lobby used for various cultural events.

  • Bill Clinton Statue

    Perhaps one of Kosovo’s most surprising attractions, is the statue of Bill Clinton the former president of the United States of America. Located on the Bill Clinton Boulevard the statue stands atop a pedestal and rises to 10 feet (3.05 meters) high. It was built in appreciation for Bill Clinton, who helped the nation during the Kosovo War of 1998 to 1999 - where in made a major impact in ensuring that Kosovo got their independence from Yugoslavia. Asides from this statue there are also some other statues of American leaders in the city as well.

  • National Gallery

    As far as art go, Kosovo might not be one of the front runners in the world but it can certainly hold its own when called upon. The best place to see art in the city remains the National Gallery, founded in February 1979 and situated at the University of Pristina Campus, it has a collection size of over 890 works. Some highlights of the gallery include the works of Albania painter Gjelosh Gjokaj and impressionist Muslim Mulliqi.

  • Clock Tower

    One of the few standing architectural structures of the Old Pristina, the clock tower serves as a reminder of life before modernization peaked in the city. The 19th century tower stands at 26 m high and it was primarily used to dictate the activities of the citizens since most could not afford wristwatches – currently it runs on electricity after being affected by Kosovo’s War.

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