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Things to do in Riga - Latvia

Perched on the Gulf of Riga, Riga, the largest city and capital of Latvia, is one of the best kept secrets in Europe. Founded in 1201 and ruled by Russians, Germans and Soviet Empire this metropolis has stunning architecture and an interesting history. Undoubtedly the heat of the city is the Old Town, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, which brims with architectural masterpieces such as Town Hall, Three Brothers buildings, St. Peters Church, House of Blackheads and many more all vying for tourists attention. Riga has more than 800 stunning Art Nouveau buildings and UNESCO rightly stated that "Old town of Riga has the finest collection of Art Nouveau architecture in the world". The beautiful St. John Church of 13th century beckons to the travelers while the tower of the St. Peters Church offers visitors a chance to get the most amazing views of the city. Don’t miss out on the delicious food that the biggest market of the Europe, The Central Market, has to offer. A magnificent historic Old town, fascinating nightlife, stylish restaurants, peaceful cobble lanes, amazing centuries old churches, various museums, verdant parks and vibrant streets, Riga has all the makings of a perfect tourist destination.

  • St. Peters Church

    The tallest church of Riga, St. Peters Church, is a significant historical site of Riga. Located in the historic center, this church was built in 13th century and it's stunning architecture is reason enough to visit it, the church also hosts concerts and art exhibitions. The church's tower, with its mammoth spire, offers the most beautiful views of Riga.

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  • The House of Blackheads

    Destroyed during the World War II and rebuilt in 1999, the stunning House of Blackheads is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its beautiful crystal chandeliers, paintings of noble people in amazing frames, interesting armor and weapons collection will make you want to visit it again and again. Its awe-inspiring exterior and breathtaking interior both attract thousands of tourists from all around the world. The House of Blackheads also hosts concerts, exhibitions and other different events.

  • Museum of Occupation of Latvia

    Built in 1993, the Museum of Occupation of Latvia is the perfect place to learn about Latvia's history from 1940 to 1991, when the country was ruled by Germans and Soviet Union. It has about 60,000 objects related to the history of the country.

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  • Riga Art Nouveau Museum

    The building which was once residence of Konstantins Pekšens, the best art nouveau architect of Latvia, became the Art Nouveau Museum of Riga in 2009. The museum is dominated by the magnificent spiral staircase that itself is the reason for a visit. Historic furniture and artwork in the museum are amazing as well.

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  • Riga Central Market

    Built in the 20th century, the Central Market of Riga is the biggest and one of the oldest markets in Europe. Besides its amazing structure the market has plenty to offer. You’ll find fresh fruits such as strawberries and cherries, vegetables, cheap bakeries, fish, meat, cheese and much more.

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