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Things to do in Luxembourg City - Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is a city like no other; a gorgeous, unique and serene city. Located in the Country of Luxembourg. Many make the mistake of thinking there isn’t quite many things to see or do because Luxembourg is regarded as a small nation but soon change their minds after a visit. With a population of 500,000 and a landmass of just 1.650 square kilometers the historic city of Luxembourg carries much relevance through European history and is filled with great culture, beautiful sites and notable architecture. If you are searching for an escape away from the bustle of major capital Cities this is the place to visit.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

    One of the oldest Cathedrals in the World, built in the 17th Century by Jesus priests. Famous for its stained glasses the Notre Dame Cathedral is an architectural marvel. It has sculptures of Madonna and Jesus in its miniature form just above the altar. A lesser known fact about the Notre Dame is its crypt, where members of the Luxembourg royal family are buried. It is a very intriguing place to visit.

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  • Echternach Benedictine Abbey

    A major part of the Luxembourg City is the Echternach Benedict Abbey built around the 1700s, it consists of four integral buildings and a courtyard. It also has a Museum that brings the historical relevance of the Benedictine Monastery to life. In this Museum, visitors can see artifacts that date as far back as the 10th century. No visit to Luxembourg City will be complete without a Tour of Echternach Benedictine Abbey.

  • Little Switzerland

    Nicknamed Little Switzerland because of its resemblance to fellow European nation Switzerland. It is a good place for visitors seeking the thrill of the outdoors. With rough terrains, caves and streams it is a spectacular site. Visitors can go climbing over the rocks and if they are less adventurous you can simply walk through the canyons admiring the rocks as they move past. As you walk past the rocks you can follow the Ernst River which flows through the Mullertha to the Schiessentumpel bridge to see the triple waterfall.

  • Casemates du bock – Bock Casemates

    The Casemates du Bock is located beneath the old castle, Montee de Clausen. It is known for its long tunnels that stretch over 20 kilometers. The initial use of Bock Casemates was to serve as a form of refuge for soldiers and indigenes during WWI and WWII. There is also a cliff within the canyons you can explore before going into the tunnels. It is quite important to see the Bock Casemates because it holds a significant historical part of Luxembourg.

  • Passerelle Viaduc

    The Passerelle Viaduc have often been described as very “mesmerizing” to look at. It was completed in 1861 by Waring Brothers a British Company. It connects the railway station to the center of the city, now known as the Old bridge it holds a soft part in the hearts of the local due to its historical significant. A must visit for its great view and architectural masterclass.

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