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Things to do in Nouakchott - Mauritania

Nouakchott the capital city of Mauritania is one of the largest cities in the Sahara, it serves as the country’s economic and administrative center. Initially a small village till 1958 when it was chosen by the Mauritania’s government to be the capital and was rebuilt for that purpose. Currently, with a total population of just under 1 million people, it is one of African’s top developing cities.

Nouakchott is not left out when it comes to tourism - with its hospitable citizens, lovely beaches and historical landmarks, it is a great city to explore.

  • Nouakchott Beach

    The Mauritanian weather can be a tough one, with its constant sunshine all year long, a visit to one of the beaches is required for a bit of cooling off. Nouakchott Beach off the Atlantic coast is regarded as the best beach in the nation. With its sand dunes and lovely waves, it attracts lots of visitors weekly. Located 5 kilometers from the city center there are many activities to partake in such as sunbathing, beach sports and sailing. Like most beaches, it has several bars and restaurants around as well.

  • Port de Peche

    The Port de Peche is both exciting and intriguing. The port moves from a relatively quiet setting in the early hours of the day to a frantically paced late afternoon. Port de Peche is primary used for fishing activities and it is where the most of the capital’s seafood come from. Visitors can take a short trip round the port on one of the canoes and are advised not to go for a swim because the waves might be a little overwhelming even for an experienced swimmer.

  • The Stade Olympique

    Mauritania might not be part of the footballing powerhouse of Africa but are nevertheless a passionate footballing nation. The Stade Olympique opened on 14 July 1983 is the largest stadium in the country with a 20,000 capacity. It plays host to all the major football matches and sporting events in Mauritania. Previously known as the Stade de la Capitale, the stadium underwent some renovations in 2002, a visit to the Stadium during one of the matches is a must.

  • Marché Capitale

    Marché Capitale is the primary spot for buying and selling in Nouakchott. It is the biggest market in the capital and its packed with vendors selling different items. Tourists that want to get a sense of the local lifestyle can visit and hopefully pick up some fabrics, jewelry or electronics. You can also explore the Artisans Market and Zein Art gallery for some arts and crafts.

  • Nouakchott Mosques

    As expected of a Muslim city, there are quite many mosques around. The Saudi Mosque is located in the southwest of the prudential Palace, as the name suggests it was built by funds from Saudi Arabia, there is also Friday Mosque which is the most visited of all the city’s mosque located southeast of the Lebanese International University. Visitors are advised to dress in a way that follows Islamic rules, or they might not be given entrance into the mosque.

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