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Things to do in Los Cabos - Mexico

Perched at the tip of the arid Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos is Mexico’s Land’s End. Los Cabos itself is one of Mexico’s premier resorts with an overwhelming choice of hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment. Given the turquoise waters that surround the Baja Peninsula, it is no surprise that water sports are a big deal in Los Cabos – jet skiing, banana boating, scuba diving and parasailing are all on offer alongside romantic horseback rides amongst the region’s dramatic beach side sand dunes. While Los Cabos is no hidden gem, the nearby cacti littered deserts of the Baja Peninsula certainly are. The remote historic town of Todos Santos is a perfect day trip where sea turtles hatch in their hundreds on the beach while the East Cape provides some of Mexico’s most dramatic seaside landscapes.

  • El Arco

    Los Cabos’ most recognizable landmark is El Arco, a sea-cut arch that forms the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. The best way to experience the area’s natural wonder is to take a tour in a glass-bottomed panga, which can deftly explore the rocky coves and sandy beaches that surround the famous rock formation. Make sure to watch out for the spectacular sea lions and pelicans that call the arch home.

    The Arch Kayaking and Snorkeling

  • Whale Watching

    One of Los Cabo’s most thrilling experiences (besides its intoxicating nightlife) are the whale watching tours that depart regularly from the area. The best time to spot the region’s iconic gray whales is between late-October and early-March where thousands of them inhabit the shallow lagoons of the desert coast.

    Whale Watching Adventure

  • Todos Santos

    Beyond the strip of resorts that line the coast around Cabo San Lucas lies the charming town of Todos Santos, which is a must-visit for lovers of music and art. Tours of the picture-perfect town run throughout the day and take in the iconic Hotel California, which was made famous across the world thanks to The Eagles, and many of the folk-art galleries that line the colonial-era streets. They also give you the opportunity to recharge at one of the town’s New Age spiritualist retreats.

  • Cabo Pulmo

    Regular tours run to the marine reserve of Cabo Pulmo, which is the perfect place to explore Los Cabos’ bio-diverse coral reefs. The best place for snorkeling is likely Los Arbolitos beach but all the coves and islets of this remarkable park are packed with colorful fish, psychedelic coral formations and rare sea turtles.

    Marine Park Snorkeling and Kayaking

  • Bar Crawl

    Famed as the resort of choice for the more discerning ‘spring-breakers’ crowd, Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s most lively towns. To experience the best of Baja’s most party loving town, take a bar crawl tour which will allow you to avoid the usual tourist traps and take you straight to the city’s best nightlife, including the iconic El Squid Roe.

    All In Club Crawl

  • Surf Tour

    With the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing down on the Baja Peninsula’s western coast, it is no surprise that the area is a real paradise for surfers. Surf tours depart daily from Cabo San Lucas that take you to the area’s best waves, including those at the enchanting Zippers Bay, and are suitable for varying levels of experience.

    Surf Lessons

  • Lover’s Beach

    One of Los Cabos’ most romantic spots, the white strip of sand that makes up Lover’s Beach is the area’s crown jewel. This remote beach can only be reached by water taxi and is perfect for a lazy day of sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming.

    Lover's Beach Kayaking and Snorkeling

  • Divorce Beach

    Close by to Lover’s Beach is the aptly named Divorce Beach. While the former is a tranquil spot for sunbathing, the latter is one of Los Cabo’s most turbulent with huge breakers crashing against cragged rocks. Looking on in awe at the sheer size of the waves is well worth a trip to the beach on its own.

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