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Things to do in Podgorica - Montenegro

Welcome to the official Capital of Montenegro; the nation’s largest city with a population of about 400,000 people. Podgorica which translates to “little hill” is located in the center of Montenegro, it a city that has stuck to its cultural heritage. Podgorica is usually overlooked by tourists when visiting European cities in the past but recently it is rising as a force to be reckoned with in tourism.

The Cijevna Waterfalls, Center of Contemporary Art and Plantaze Winery are some places to visit in the capital.

  • Cijevna Waterfalls

    Popularly known as the “Niagara Falls of Montenegro”, it is the most visited waterfall in Montenegro. The waterfall is not as large as the actual Niagara Falls but it is matches it in beauty. The waterfall gets its “source” from the Cijevna river which originates from Albania, it flows and merges with the Moraca river south of Podgorica. Best to go to the waterfall during spring or after a rainy day when the waterfall is at full flow because at the end of summer it is completely dried up.

  • Ribnica Bridge

    Built during the roman rule, the old bridge over the Ribnica River is the oldest bridge in Podgorica. The bridge is perfect for anyone who loves historical architecture, in the 18th century the bridge had to undergo major reconstruction under the Ottoman rule which was funded Adzi-pasa Osmanagic, so since then the bridge has been known by the Adzi-pasa Osmanagic’s bridge.

  • Center of Contemporary Art

    Established in 1995 the gallery can be found inside the palace of King Nikola Petrovic in Krusevac. The center is for art lovers, featuring over 1000 artworks from 60 different countries, which is broken up into different sections; Asian, European, Latin-America and Africa.

    The center also has two smaller galleries which are used for special exhibitions and events. After viewing the exhibitions displayed, visitors can walk through the garden in the premises and have a picnic or relax.

  • International Podgorica Marathon

    The Podgorica marathon is always highly anticipated by foreigners and locals; it has thousands of participants yearly. The marathon has been happening since the last decade, runners run from Podgorica to Danilovgrad and then back. There is a half-marathon if the main marathon is too overwhelming and the Hyper-marathon which is over 100 km (involves running 100 circles round the hill Ljubokic).

    Tourist visiting Podgorica during the marathon are always advised to join in the fun.

  • Plantaze Winery

    For wine lovers, Podgorica can be said to be a dream destination, many families in the capital make their own wine. It is home to the largest unbroken vineyard in Europe and one of the largest wine factory too; Plantaze Winery built in 1963 deals mainly in wine production. Tourist can go wine tasting which also features a train ride through the vineyard and a tour of the Sipcanik, which used to be a hidden underground aircraft hangar but now houses millions of gallons of wine.

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