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Things to do in Windhoek - Namibia

Windhoek is one of those cities that have somehow stayed off the radar of tourists even though it can be said to be a perfect place for tourist to visit.

With a pleasantly warm climate and relaxed environment, Windhoek is Namibia’s capital city and it sometimes operates like a small village, such is the organization and hospitality the people show towards each other and visitors.

There are so many things to do and places to visit like Namibia Craft Centre, Gibeon Meteorites and National Botanic Garden.

  • Namibia Craft Center

    For the best art works in the country then take a trip to the Namibia Craft Center. Situated in the heart of Windhoek in the famous Old Breweries building. It is an art hub for artists and designers of Namibia and Africa. Sculptures, masks and jewelry are sold in the market, there is also a space for a bookstore and a gallery that displays the different works of local and international artist. The Namibian Craft Café is also the location for the Craft Café where visitors of the market can come, relax and enjoy a bit of the local cuisine.

  • Gibeon Meteorites

    If you are a lover of geology and space, then visiting the Gibeon Meteorites would be incredible for you. Located on Post St. Mall in the city’s Capital, the building is a public exhibition of meteorites that date back to the 18th century. The meteorite discovered by the Nama people of Namibia was named after the nearest town Gibeon. The Nama people used the meteorite to make tools and weapons. The meteorites classified as iron was analyzed by John Herschel, he then confirmed for the first time that the rocks were indeed extra-terrestrial in nature.

  • Independence Memorial Museum

    Inaugurated on the 21st march 2014 by President Hifikepunye, the Independence Memorial Museum displays the historical artifacts that tells the story of the Namibians struggle against colonial regime and fight for freedom. Located on Robert Mugabe avenue the museum is flanked by two statues; the Genocide and Sam Nujoma. Sam Nujoma was one of the front runners for the fight for freedom.

  • National Botanic Garden

    For a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city life visit National Botanic Garden. The garden is a 12 hectares lush of beautiful land located off Sam Nujoma Avenue. Visitors can get a map of area because there are several paths to follow.

    One of the main features of the garden is the “Desert House” devoted to plants from Namibia, it features some the best desert plants in the World. The botanical garden is also a good spot for bird watchers.

  • Fly around Windhoek

    Sometimes viewing an area on the ground does not give you best picture, so it best to get a different view. Tourists can get a bird’s eye view of the endless beauty and picturesque landscape of the city on perfectly constructed plane for such activities. One of such companies that offer this services is Scenic Air.

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