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Nauru is perhaps the least travelled tourist destinations you will ever come across due to reasons ranging from accessibility to lack of proper awareness. Formerly known as Pleasant Islands, it is an island country in Micronesia covering just 8.1 square miles – making it the smallest state in the South Pacific Ocean as well and the third smallest country in the world.

The islands' popularity grew due to the discovery of phosphate and its role during World War I and World War II, when it was a base for Japanese troops. The tourist attractions found in Nauru are few, and they center mostly on its beaches and the wars that occurred on its islands.

  • Command Ridge

    At an elevation of 213 feet (64.92 m) the Command Ridge is the highest point in Nauru – famously used by the Japanese troops as a watch point during World War II. Visiting the sites, you would find the remains of the war such as guns and helmets. There is also a communication bunker to be explored as well, inside you will find some equipment used during the war.

  • Anabare Harbor

    A good way to spend your time while visiting Nauru is the Anabare Harbor, with its clear waters it is the top tourist destination in the city – offering several activities such as swimming, snorkeling and water sports. Visited by both Nauruans and tourists, it is a good place to meet and socialize with locals.

  • Cantilevers

    With Nauru having some of the world’s richest phosphate sites in the world, there is quite a number of cantilevers spread across the island. Built during the war, the first ever Cantilever was built on the coast, before being destroyed during a bombardment. This led to the second Cantilever being built - visitors are allowed to explore the cantilevers up close.

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