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Things to do in Niamey - Niger

When it comes to the international scene of tourism Niger is hardly recognized and this comes as no surprise because it is not one of the countries that is always in the news for its entertaining or exciting nature. But for anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Niger especially its capital they come with great stories to tell.

Niamey the capital of Niger, with a population of over a million people is located on the east bank of the river Niger. It is the country’s administrative, economic and cultural center. Tourists can visit the Grand Mosque of Niamey, try out local cuisines and tour the W National Park.

  • W national Park

    This is not a park restricted to Niger alone, it is a park that cuts across three countries namely, Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso. Set up to protect endangered species from poaching, it is a top tourist location and there is so much to do. The park is well-known for its large mammals such as African bush Elephant, West African Lion, African buffalo and Cheetah. There is also exotic species of plants found in the park and different species of birds. Created in August 1954, it gets its name W because the park as is W shaped and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

  • Grand Mosque of Niamey

    Built in the 1970, The Grand Mosque is the most sacred place in the city, it is also the largest mosque. With great decors and phenomenal architecture, it is a must visit for tourists visiting Niamey. The building was funded by the Libyans.

  • Taste the Local Cuisine

    With additional inspiration from the French, Niger’s range of cuisines is a huge one. There are restaurants scattered around every corner of Niamey, so tourist can take their pick. Visit the Le Diamangou, a boat restaurant with an incredible view if you are in search for international dishes or Le Djinkounne for local and African delicacies.

  • Stade de La Lutte Traditionelle

    Traditional wresting is a very popular sport around west African and in Niamey it is no different. Often between two wrestlers of different villages, usually for a duration of 12 minutes except if one of the fighters can defeat their opponent (by placing their opponent’s back on the ground) before the set time. Besides the fight there are other activities that occur like singing, dancing and drama by the locals but it often ends with the crowing of the best fighter of the day. It is very similar to watching a boxing match.

  • Centre Culturel Oumarou Ganda

    Named after Nigerien director and actor who helped expose African cinema to international attention, the center was built in 1980 to host the 5th Festival National des Jeunes des Sports et de La Culture. It also features the amphitheater with a 5000 capacity, open-air bar and library.

    It is a nice place for tourist who want to experience the Nigerien theater scene.

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