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Things to do in Kigali - Rwanda

Recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, Kigali has slowly transitioned itself from a city that gets little attention to a primary destination for travelers exploring East Africa.

The city of Kigali embodies all the characteristics of a typical East African city. A lot can’t be said about the city without mentioning Rwanda Genocide that saw thousands of people murdered - the incident is still very fresh in the minds of the citizens as you would come to realize with various memorials erected all around Kigali.

  • Mount Kigali

    To witness the best view in the city, make your way up the mount Kigali – named due to the fact that several hills joined together to form one large one. The mount Kigali is one of the highest in Rwanda reaching 6,000 feet (1.83 kilometers), visitors usually go either through the Nyabugogo route or the Nyamirambo route. Advisable to bring your drink because hydration might be a problem.

  • Kigali Genocide Memorial

    The Rwanda Genocide is considered the darkest period in Rwanda history – it involved the mass killing of the Tutsi people by members of the Hutu tribe in a space of about 100 days (7 April - 15 July 1994). The Memorial which is located in Gisozi was set up to commemorate the victims, it houses the remains of over 250,000 people and serves as a burial site for the bereaved to lay their family and friends to rest. There is also a center for visitors who seek to learn about the events that lead to the genocide and its aftermath.

  • Hotel des Millie Collines

    One of the most famous places in Rwanda, it became popular during the Rwanda genocide serving as a refugee camp for about 1,268 thousand people. The hotel built by belgian airline Sabena was a haven for members of the Tutu clan and as described by the movie “Hotel Rwanda” it was under the control of Paul Rusesabagina, who was able to bribe the Hutu army with money and alcohol for the protection of the occupants. Still up and running visitors can stay at the four-star hotel with great history.

  • Inema Art Center

    To satisfy your art taste visit the Inema Art Center, located at the heart of Kigali. Founded in 2012, it's main objective is to promote arts in not only Rwanda but across East Africa as well. The main attraction of the art center is its Gallery with several paintings and other artworks displayed daily. You can also stop by its studio to witness a live painting session.

  • Amahoro Stadium

    The people of Kigali are very serious about sports, most especially football - the best place to witness their passion is the Amahoro stadium. Opened in 1986, the 30,000 capacity stadium is the biggest in Rwanda and plays host to most of Rwanda top sporting events as well as concerts and public events. The best time to visit is on the days when the National team or any of the local top team’s match day.

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