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Things to do in Castries - Saint Lucia

Perched on the Saint Lucia’s Caribbean Island, Castries is often touted as perfect destination for vacations and attracts many travelers from all over the world; the picturesque beaches, such as Vigie Beach, with crystal clear water and sandy shorelines show why. Undoubtedly, the tour of capital city of Saint Lucia is incomplete without visiting the Marigot Bay, which is flanked by hills fully covered with greenery. Its beautiful clear water and dramatic palm trees will surely make you visit it again and again. Stand awed by the nature of Pigeon Island and walk through the history of Saint Lucia by exploring the ruins of ancient military buildings. If you are looking for more historic sites visit the 19th century church, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, where you’ll see exquisite architecture and beautiful mural or head to the Morne Fortune, located at the south of the city, and learn about the history of battles between British and French to rule the region when you are done with that, enjoy beautiful views from the top. Explore the vibrant Castries Market where you can buy fresh fruits, local spices, vegetables, different items made by local artists and much more.

  • Vigie Beach

    If you are looking for a beach which is not overcrowded, Vigie Beach is the place to go, however, since it is very close to the airport you might hear noise of airplanes occasionally. Whether do you want to sprawl on the sandy shore, bask in the sun, enjoy the view of beautiful water or have delicious meal the beach offers it all.

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  • Marigot Bay

    Pretty much, all the paths in Castries lead to the picturesque Marigot Bay, which due to its extreme beauty have been used in many Bollywood films for background. This bustling bay, surrounded by verdant hills from three sides, is a top tourist attraction in Saint Lucia and rightly so, not only does it offer beautiful views but also have restaurants serving delicious food, paddle boats and water taxis. 

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  • Castries Market

    Located right in the middle of Castries, the Castries Market which was built in 1891 is the best place to shop almost anything in the city. From fresh vegetables and fruits to local clothes, artworks and bags, you’ll find many things here. Castries’s largest open air market is surely worth a visit.

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  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

    Built in 19th century, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a good historic landmark to visit in Castries. Its interior is beautifully decorated by amazing frescoes and a mural while its exterior is a fine piece of architecture. Don’t pass up a visit to one of West Indies’ largest churches.

  • Morne Fortune

    The place which was once a military outpost and where the British and French fought many battles to gain control of the region is now a beautiful place and a popular tourist attraction. Have a look at the surviving structures such as guard cells, discover the history and also don’t forget go to the top of the hill to get the most stunning views.

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