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Things to do in São Tomé - Sao Tome and Principe

São Tome and Principe is one of Africa’s little known nations. Located in the Gulf of Guinea, the Portuguese-speaking country consists of two main archipelagos namely São Tome and Principle. Until discovered by Portuguese navigators in the 1470s the islands were uninhabited, it is Africa’s second smallest country and it has a population of over 200,000 people.

With its lovely landscape, colonial buildings, high wildlife presence and rich culture São Tome and Principle is a great country to visit. Some of the nation’s main attractions include Boca de Inferno, Cascata São Nicolau, Lagoa Azul and Obo National Park.

  • Boca de Inferno

    Often mistaken for Portugal’s Boca de Inferno, it is one of São Tomé’s gems. Located South of São Tomé it is referred to as “Hell’s Mouth” in English. It gets its name from the natural phenomena that causes water to shoot up with force into the air from a hole at the roof of the cave. The scene is a little dramatic and it is best experienced in person.

  • Cascata São Nicolau

    São Tomé is well-known for its numerous waterfalls, but perhaps the most enchanting of all is the Cascata São Nicolau. Found just a few kilometers into the mountains in the Mezoxi region. The waterfalls which seem to come out of nowhere in the tropical forest is really a sight to behold, when close to it you will feel it roaring presence. 

  • Lagoa Azul

    With its clear waters being underwater in São Tomé is an amazing thing to do. Lagoa Azul is located at the northern part of the island of São Tomé, it offers amazing opportunity for tourist to participate in water activities such as diving and snorkeling. The Lagoa Azul sometimes called blue lagoon also has a resort for tourist who wish to stay for a while.

  • Obo National Park

    The Obo National Park is the largest park in the country at over 19 square kilometers and it covers three geographical zones. Internationally recognized, the park is considered by the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF) to be among the 200 most important biological area on earth. The park covers 35% of the island. It is a blend of flora and fauna; with 700 species of plant which about 95 can only be found in São Tomé and several species of birds. The park offers a vast range of outdoor activities asides its flora and fauna attractions, you can go hiking through the many set trails and mountain climbing.

  • Bom Bom Island Resort

    The Bom Bom island resort is located near the north coast of principle in the Gulf of Guinea, it is one of the top places visited by tourists. On your way to the resort you may get to see some whales or dolphins. The island is really one of the best places to relax, taste the local cuisines and possibly relate with locals.

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