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Things to do in Funafuti - Tuvalu

Tuvalu arguably one the least-known and least visited nations among the Pacific islands nations. Formerly known as the Elica Islands, it is located between Hawaii and Australia and has a population of over 11,192 people. Being a small nation, its attractions are not that numerous as well – but it offers clear beaches, World War II sites and wildlife attractions.

  • Funafuti

    The capital of Tuvalu and the center of all major happenings on the island with over 56.6 percent of the country’s population. Generally, a quiet and reserved city, its top touristic attractions are villages and its Marine Conservation Area - established in 1996 and dedicated to creating a protected area of the islands for marine animals. The conservation area also provides a good opportunity for snorkeling and diving due to it clear waters, offering visitors a chance to get close-up with the animals.

  • Tuvalu’s Cuisines

    One of Tuvalu gifts are delightful range of cuisines. With most of its dishes ingenious to the region and free from outside influences the meals are made using traditional methods passed down from centuries. The dishes are usually based on the staple of coconut and the different kinds of fish. Some delicacies include Palusami served with taro, seafood dishes and mashed vegetable soup – all of which can be found in local restaurants around the country.

  • WWII Wreckage Sites

    As most nations in its region, Tuvalu was also majorly involved during World War II and was a strategic location for the Allied Forces due to its proximity to Kibarati where the opposition occupied. Presently there are still some remains of the war spread across the country especially in the northern side of Namumea and Motulalo. Visitors would see plane wreckages, bunkers among other things.

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