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Things to do in Caracas - Venezuela

Located along the Guaire river in the northern part of Venezuela, is the city of Caracas – the nation’s commercial and cultural center. Founded by the Spanish, Caracas it is known to be one of the top tourist destinations in South America.

The city possesses a diverse landscape ranging from lush green tropical vegetation to amazing beaches and offers tourists an exciting melange of attractions such as the Simon Bolivar Mausoleum, El Hatillo and the El Moumento a la Paz.

If you are looking to enjoy the vastness of the Latin America culture, then look no further than the city of Caracas.

  • El Moumento a la Paz

    El Moumento a la Paz is the brainchild of Dr. Farrid Mattar, built as an ecological monument that pays tribute to recycling in the country. Erected in 1963 using stones and left over rubles from construction sites around Caracas, it is a five-story castle – like building, with each floor representing each millennium of mankind.

  • Dr. Gottfried Laboratory

    Currently, in ruins, the laboratory serves as a reminder to the ground breaking feat of German surgeon Gottfried Knoche who is famous for inventing an embalming fluid. After arriving in Venezuela in 1840, he founded the Sam Juan de Dios Hospital – soon after he started his search for a process of avoiding the decomposition of bodies after death, this led to the invention of the “mummification serum”. With most of its items looted after the death of the Knoche family, the laboratory still contains some equipment used by the surgeon.

  • El Hatillo

    One of the few towns in Caracaras that still has that colonial feel to it, noticeable by its Spanish styled buildings. The little town at the south-eastern side of the capital offers visitors the opportunity to get away from the main city “boiling” points to a more relaxed and calm environment. With lovely restaurants and bars it a great way to immersed yourself in the culture of Venezuela.

  • Plaza Bolivar

    Probably the most famous place in all of Venezuela, the Plaza Bolivar is located at the center of Caracas. It is a site with a rich history, being the venue for countless protests, execution and most importantly where the popular rebellion began against the Spanish crown on April 19,1810. At the center of the square is the statue of Venezuela icon Simon Bolivar – the statute depicts a rider on a horse standing on its hind legs supported by two tired pedestals. There are two other replicas of the statue located in Lima, Peru and San Francisco California.

  • Simon Bolivar Mausoleum

    Reeking of opulence, the Simon Bolivar Mausoleum is the final resting place for Simon “Liberator” Bolivar who led the secession of several South America countries including Venezuela. Built by Hugo Chavez the mausoleum is a 17-foot-high structure, shaped like ramp leading to a convex wall – the building cost 130 million dollars and have often been a subject of criticism by members of the public.

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