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Best things to do in Canberra

Things to do in Canberra - Australia

Canberra is not like most capital cities in the world, it has easily been outshone by Sydney and Melbourne – this often leads to bit of skepticism among travelers but contrary to popular belief, it is a very exciting place.

Made the capital of Australia after several disputes, the city is the largest inland city in the country and holds most of the nation’s government houses like the parliament house. With its ever welcoming citizens and many attractions, visiting Canberra is often an unforgettable experience.

  • War Memorial

    There are quite many museums in Canberra, with all telling an important part of Australia’s history. One of such is the Australia’s War Memorial.  Situated in Treloar Cres, it was built to commemorate members of the country’s armed forces who died or participated in wars involving the commonwealth of Australia. Opened in 1941, it is the best place to get the full details of most of Australia wars – it is divided into 3 parts; the Hall of Memory with the tomb of the unknown soldier, Research Center and the Commemorative Area (Shrine).

    Coach Tour of Canberra from Sydney

  • Parliament House

    Regarded as Canberra's most important structure, the Parliament House was opened on 9 May 1988 by Elizabeth II Queen of Australia, it was designed by Romaldo Giurgola and has fast become a symbol of Australia. Sitting atop Capital Hill, it contains 4,700 rooms including a marble staircase that leads to the Great Wall which is known for its lovely tapestry. Visitors are allowed to explore most of the rooms, and although tickets might be needed to access some areas they are also free but must be booked online.

    Parliament House Guided Tour

  • National Zoo and Aquarium

    Located at the end of the lake Burley Griffin in Yarralumia is the two in one special for lovers of wildlife. The National Zoo and Aquarium set up by Geoff Da Deppo covers an area of 19 hectares making it one of the biggest in the country. Privately owned the zoo relies on support from volunteers and ticket sell to stay functional - its main attractions include its large collection of big cats, penguins and endemic plants. For visitors there are several interactive tours to make the visit a memorable one.

  • Black Mountain

    If you love nature and don’t mind a little hiking, then Black Mountain is a place for you. Rising to 812 meters, it offers the best flora and fauna attractions, with over 500 species of plants, 5,000 species of insects and 100 species of birds. The hike to summit usually begins at the end of the Frith substation behind the CSIRO, Acton and may take about two hours - on your way watch out for the iconic Black Mountain Tower.

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  • Lake Burley Griffin

    The Lake Burley Griffin is now firmly a part of Canberra, which makes it so hard to remember that it is an artificial lake. Named after renowned architect Walter Burley Griffin, the lake was formed after the Molonglo river was dammed – it is located at the approximate geographic center of the city. There are several cruises available to take visitors round the lake while they get to see most of its surrounding major attractions.

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Best things to do in Uluru-Kata

Things to do in Uluru-Kata - Australia

Located in the heart of Australia’s vast outback, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is Australia’s most iconic destination. Rising from the arid scrub land of the Simpson Desert, the monumental red rock faces of Uluru, known for decades in English as Ayres Rock, are an unforgettable sight. While Uluru was unknown to westerners until the 1880s, it has for 20000 years been a site of spiritual significance for the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal peoples. Today, ‘the Rock’ attracts upwards of 400000 visitors per year but other areas of the national park remain true hidden gems. Indeed, the magical blood red rock formations of Kata Tjuta are taller and more undulating than their famous neighbor but attract a fraction of the attention.

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center

    Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center tells the story of the rich and vibrant culture, tradition, and history of the Pitjantjatjara people. Not far away at Uluru is the Mala Walk that leads across the face of a rock to see the Anangu rock art.

    Uluru and Kata Tjuta Tour

  • Kata Tjuta

    Kata Tjuta is popular for its wealth of fascinating rock formations. The rocky trail leads to a serene grove of spear wood trees which form a cool shade that is especially romantic. Ensure that you bring your loved one along on this tour.

    Kata Tjuta Guided Tour

  • Uluru Tandem Skydive

    Not only is the Uluru Tandem Skydive an awesome experience but you’ll also be treated to nice views of Uluru beneath you as you float in the air. The exhilarating feeling of descending to the earth from the sky is also one that you do not want to miss. 

    Uluru Tandem Skydive

  • Alice Springs

    Alice Springs is the most vibrant part of the Australian Red Center, and it is, of course, popular for its red sands and Aboriginal Culture. This cool springs with its cool and relaxing environment is all you need to clear your head.

    Alice Springs to Uluru Camping Tour

  • Valley of the Winds

    A walk along the paths of the Valley of the Winds will give tourists nice views of the many domes and the beautiful red scenes of the place. Beyond the views and the scenes, the atmosphere is a very relaxed one as well that guarantees that you leave refreshed.

    Kata Tjuta & Valley of the Winds Tour

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Best things to do in Darwin

Things to do in Darwin - Australia

Spreading out along the dramatic coastline of the Timor Sea, Darwin is Australia’s northernmost state capital and gateway to the tropical paradise of the country’s Top End. Closer to the Indonesian capital Jakarta than the high-rise cities of Australia’s southeast, Darwin has maintained an independent spirit and laid back attitude markedly different from the rest of the country. While most of the historic center was destroyed by Cyclone Tracy in 1974, today it is a thriving modern hub for indigenous art, innovative museums and buzzing bars and restaurants, which spill onto the pavements of Mitchell Street. Beyond the city itself, Darwin is a perfect pit stop before journeying into the untamed wilderness of Litchfield or Djukbinj national parks for some crocodile spotting.

  • Crocosaurus Cove

    Nature expresses itself in countless ways, of which humans and animals are two of those expressions of nature. Crocosaurus Cove is one place where you’ll find fascinating wildlife creatures like reptiles, crocodiles, and turtles.

    Crocosaurus Cove General Admission Ticket

  • Litchfield National Park

    The National Park is filled with many fascinating sights to offer tourists. Of these are the Magnetic and Cathedral termite mounds, breathtaking waterfalls, spring-fed streams, sandstone escarpments, and some others. Litchfield National Park is made for fun, relaxation, and adventures.

    Litchfield National Park Tour

  • Tiwi Islands

    Because of the friendliness of the Tiwi people, anybody can visit their place. The Tiwi people are always glad to show people around and tell them tales of their rich culture and history. Tourists don’t even need permits to visit the place.

    Tiwi Islands Cultural Day Tour

  • Mary River Helicopter Tour

    In all the Southern Hemisphere, Mary River Wetlands is where you’ll find the highest number of Saltwater Crocodiles in one place. Apart from the countless crocodiles that tourists can feast their eyes on, rarely seen birds like wallabies, sea eagles, kites and many others are put on a show.

    Mary River Helicopter Tour

  • Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

    The Museum and Art Gallery is located in Fannie Bay suburb of Darwin, and it is the main museum in the whole Northern Territory. The museum features many interesting artifacts from the rich history of Australia.

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Best things to do in Perth

Things to do in Perth - Australia

Perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean, Perth, the vibrant capital of Western Australia, is defined by endless sunshine and a famously easy-going attitude. Flanked by some of the world’s most spectacular beaches and divided in half by the languorous Swan River lagoon, Perth itself has a glittering skyline to rival any of eastern Australia’s largest cities. What is more, Perth’s geographical isolation – it is over 4000 kilometers from Australia’s east coast – has made it a cosmopolitan bubble amongst the outback with a thriving street art scene, fascinating museums, like Freemantle Prison, which pays tribute to the city’s dark Victorian heritage, and a buzzing music scene, with an array of dive bars where you can catch up and coming bands.

  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden

    The park is strategically located on Mount Eliza so that while one is busy relaxing on the park one can drink in the beautiful sights of the Perth Water and busy business district of Perth. On the park itself, tours can be taken round to see the park’s wealth of grassed parkland, botanical gardens, and natural bush land.

    City Highlights, Wildlife Park and Swan Valley Tour

  • Rottnest Island

    Not far from Perth is the fascinating Rottnest Island. In fact, the Island is a short ferry ride away. A visit tour to the Island will definitely not leave you disappointed. This is because the Rottnest Island remains one of the many scenic places in Perth with beautiful sights that go on and on.

    Rottnest Island Coach Tour

  • Wild Dolphin Swim

    This would make a favorite place for the chivalrous and adventurous because this location presents many sites for adventure. How do you ask? A swim with wild dolphins is all you really need to have an amazing afternoon at Rockingham.

    Wild Dolphin Swim & Cruise Day Trip

  • Swan Valley Wine Tour

    A tour around the Swan Valley will not only offer you an opportunity to taste the unique wine that is produced there, but you also get to enjoy this wine in a very relaxed environment. The Swan Valley also has gorgeous and scenic sights all around.

    Swan Valley: Full-Day Wine Tour with Lunch

  • Penguin Island

    Not far away from Perth is the island that serves as a home to not less than 1,200 penguins. This serves as an opportunity for tourists to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Similarly, it presents an opportunity to learn more about these adorable creatures and take a closer look at them.

    Penguin Island, Cruise, and Wildlife Park

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Best things to do in Cairns

Things to do in Cairns - Australia

Cairns is the gateway to Queensland’s remote Cape York Peninsula and the tropical wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, which lies tantalizingly just offshore. While most visitors to the city rightly use Cairns as a pit stop before journeying further into the wilderness, the city itself has much to see. The historic Victorian downtown, which sprung up in the late 1800s as a gold-mining town, has a picturesque boardwalk and pristine swimming lagoon, which are perfect for relaxing in the humid heat. Cairns is where most tours for the Great Barrier Reef depart but if you want to experience one of Australia’s hidden gems head north to the Daintree National Park, the world’s oldest and largest patch of pristine rainforest.

  • Great Barrier Reef

    Even images all the way from the outer space testify that the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing in the earth. Many species of aquatic life, such as brightly colored fishes, starfishes, turtles, sharks, and dolphins, can all be found here. The Great Barrier Reef is in northeastern Australia, off the coast of Queensland.

    Great Barrier Reef Catamaran Cruise

  • Kuranda Scenic Railway

    The railway was built by the early settlers of Kuranda. The railway is popular for its beauty as well as for its bends and turns around the forested hillside. On your tour of this railway, the beautiful landscape stretches in front of you for miles and is a relaxing view as well.

    Kuranda Full-Day Tour by Train

  • Daintree Rainforest

    The Daintree Rainforest is one of the most beautiful natural sites in all of Australia. The flora and fauna that are found there will take your breath away while the many beautiful species of butterflies will make you blush with excitement.

    Waterfall, Wildlife and Rainforest Tour from Cairns

  • Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

    The Cultural Park boasts of about 40,000 years of vibrant history and culture (the oldest surviving culture). Tourists often like to get to see the park because of its wealth of history. Similarly, there is so much to learn about the ways of life of the ancient people alongside some relics from those times.

    Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Night

  • Tully River White Water Rafting

    Rafters all around the world often dream of rafting at this place. The grade 3 and 4 rapids that are there are sure to put the skills of rafters to a test. Therefore, this is a challenge for most professional rafters who usually visit this location by the droves.

    Tully River White Water Rafting Trip

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Best things to do in Sydney

Things to do in Sydney - Australia

Jutting out into the Sydney harbor against the backdrop of the vast Harbour Bridge, the curvaceous Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s best-loved tourist attractions. While the UNESCO World Heritage listed landmark certainly put Sydney on the map, the city is packed with hidden gems beyond the main draws. Away from the busy Bondi Beach, the Hermitage Foreshore Walk is one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal walks with sunbathing water lizards and breathtaking Opera House views. The winding alleyways and cobbled streets of the Rocks and Millers Point are a reminder of Sydney’s dark history as a destination for convicts from across the British Empire. What is more, the formerly down on their luck neighborhoods of Surrey Park, Balmain and Newtown have become thriving hubs for Sydney’s ever growing foodie revolution. In short, Sydney is a microcosm of Australia with its combination of cosmopolitan culture, fascinating history and spectacular natural beauty.

  • Sydney Opera House

    About 60 years ago, one of the greatest feats of the modern day was performed; the Sydney Opera House was designed. Famous Danish architect, Jorn Utzon designed this architectural wonder. The structure is now one of the busiest arts centers in the world.

    Sydney Opera House Tour

  • Sydney Harbor Bridge

    This magical looking bridge flies across the Sydney Harbor and is used to convey vehicular traffic and pedestrians to and from North Shore and the central business district in Sydney. A simple look at this bridge sets you wondering at just how massive it is.

    BridgeClimb Express Sydney

  • Bondi Beach

    The beach is one of Australia’s busiest beaches as it has many beautiful features that attract tourists to it all year long. Apart from the majestic beauty of the beach, the daring waves challenge the skills of surfers and the locals are often found to be swimming in the freezing iceberg ocean pool at the beach.

    Bondi Beach 2-Hour Surf Experience

  • Sydney Aquarium

    Home to beautiful aquatic creatures like the saw fish, platypus, and sharks, Sydney Aquarium attracts many tourists to itself with ease. Also, you can be guaranteed a colorful and exciting display that is bound to entertain you.

    Sydney Aquarium Ticket

  • Jenolan Caves & Blue Mountains

    If the breathtaking sight of the blue mountains is not enough to excite you, a tour around the Jenolan Caves is sure to do so. The many limestone caves and arches that curve above the ground are the main attractions in this area.

    Jenolan Caves & Blue Mountains Tour

  • Sydney Tower Eye

    The Observation Deck that sits on the highest point of the city offers tourists the view of Sydney in all of its extravagant beauty. A tour around Sydney is not complete without treating yourself to this unforgettable sights.

    Sydney Tower Eye Fast-Track

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