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Best things to do in Belize City

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Things to do in Belize City - Belize

With thousands of tourists yearly, it does raise a question as to what makes Belize City such a popular destination for travelers from all around the world. Located at the mouth of the Belize river, the city is the largest in the country of Belize with a population of just 57,169 people.

Featuring several attractions, such as the exotic beaches and monuments - the site is also recognized as one of the primary locations of Mayan Civilization, with the ruins of old Mayan towns spread across the city.

  • Swing Bridge/ Maritime Museum of Belize

    Part of the old Belize, the Swing Bridge is one of the county’s most historical landmarks. Built in Liverpool, and brought over to Belize the current Bridge replaced an older wood bridge that had been constructed by the city locals. The bridge spans over the Haulover Creek, a tributary of the Belize River and it is also recognized as the Oldest Swing bridge in Central America. 

    Close to the Bridge is the Maritime Museum, which centers on displaying and educating visitors about Belize’s seafaring and shipbuilding history. Its exhibitions include items ranging from model boats to old documents.

  • Museum of Belize

    Originally the site of Her Majesty’s Prison, the Museum of Belize established 1857 is dedicated to displaying all items pertaining to the history of Belize. The museum is divided into various sections including arts and history. It features some of the most precious Mayan artifacts dating back to over 3000 years ago and other exhibitions cut across the country’s colonial life and the cultural heritage of other ethnic nations in the county. 

  • Yaraborough Cemetery

    If you are going to visit the cathedral, you should as well stop at the Yarborough Cemetery situated near the cathedral. Said to be the first cemetery in British Honduras, it was used as a burial site of members of the colonial Anglican church. Renovated in 1999, a marble memorial wall was added to the cemetery - inscribed on it are the names of those buried there.

  • St. John’s Cathedral

    Built in 1820 using bricks that had been used as ballast aboard British ships, the cathedral remains one of the finest displays of colonial architecture in Belize City. Considered to be an historical landmark, its interior is designed using mainly sapodilla and mahogany – the church’s attraction includes an ancient pipe organ and Baymen-era tombstones. Open to visitors, best to visit on a service day to see how beautiful the cathedral is.

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  • Lamanai

    Belonging to the Maya civilization, Lamanai was one of the main cities in the Orange Walk District of Belize during the Preclassic Period (4th century BC – 1st Century CE). Lamanai meaning “submerge crocodile” is currently in ruins but it still offers visitors an opportunity to see ancient Maya structures which includes temples, plazas and ball courts. Getting to Lamanai usually involves a scenic boat trip through the forest in a bid to avoid the bumpy roads leading to the site.

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