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Things to do in Brasilia - Brazil

When you think about visiting Brazil, Brasilia would definitely not be your first choice city - but as most of the locals and frequent visitors would tell you, it is one of the hidden gems of the country.

Inaugurated as Brazil’s capital in 1960, the city was a planned one - designed by some of South American’s leading talents including the famous Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa. Shaped like a large bird, it holds most of Brazil’s official buildings including the Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace.

  • Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial

    Simply called the JK memorial, it can be found at the Monumental Axis and is dedicated to Juscelino Kubitschek a former president of Brazil and the founder of the nation’s capital Brasilia. Built in 1981, the monument is a 4.5 meters statue of the president and stands on a concrete pedestal. His mortal remains as well as some of his honors and awards can also be found at the memorial site.

  • National Theater Claudio Santoro

    Named after Brazilian conductor and violinist the Nation Theater is the home of creative arts in Brasilia. Like most buildings in the capital, it was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and it is shaped like a truncated pyramid. The theater is home to 3 venues; the Villa-Lobos theater, the Alberto Nepomunceno theater and Martins Pena theater. It also has an exhibition gallery making it a perfect destination for lovers of arts and music.

  • Parque Municipal do Itiquira

    Declared by most as the best attraction in Brasilia, the Parque Municipal do Itiquira is a natural haven. Among its many gifts, its main attraction and where the park draws its name is the Itiquira falls. The waterfall has a height of 168 m, which makes it the second highest in the country and the highest accessible to people. Usually a good place to relax, the pool formed by the waterfall is very clean so you are likely to find visitors swimming in it.

  • Cathedral of Brasilia

    Brazil being a fairly religious country, exceptional looking cathedrals are expected – but among its wonderful cathedrals, the Cathedral of Brasilia easily stands out. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, it is a hyperbolic structure constructed around 16 beams and is one of Brazil’s most visited worship centers. Be sure to check out its numerous attractions such as its oval baptistery, altar among others.

  • Planalto Palace

    Located at Praça dos Três Poderes, the Planalto Palace is the official work place of the President of Brazil. Inaugurated on April 21, 1960 - it is one of the few presidential buildings that are easily accessible to tourists. It is opened to public visitation every Sunday; visitors get to take a tour through its many rooms.

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