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Best things to do in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reservea

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Things to do in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reservea - Costa Rica

Perched atop some of the Central America’s highest mountains is the otherworldly landscape of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. If the name makes the reserve sound dreamlike that is because it is – with near one hundred percent humidity year round and a constant cloak of mist the forest is one of the world’s most magical landscapes. The park is well-known for its treetop walking routes that allow for aerial views over the astoundingly verdant landscape, where plants grow in layers atop one another, green moss blankets everything in sight and the sounds of hundreds of species of bird echo from the enveloping fog. What is more, the park’s relative isolation makes it a true hidden gem with a fraction of the visitors received by Costa Rica’s coastal national parks.

  • Curi Cancha Wildlife Refuge

    Curi Cancha Wildlife Refuge is a haven of different bird and mammal species. These animals are placed here to protect them from poaching and other factors that could endanger them. This refuge essentially is dedicated to protection of the planet's natural resources and maintenance of the amazing diversity of this cloud forest. Tour guides are on ground to ensure that you do not lose your way.

    Wildlife Observation Tour

  • Resplendant Quetzal

    Soaring high in the Monteverde Cloud Forest are Quetzels who are an epitome of beauty and grace. This Cloud Forest receives a huge number of visitors every year who simply come to see the Resplendent Quetzals. The Quetzal is generally loved all through Central America and is considered the national bird of Guatemala. This bird-watching experience is one that you shouldn't pass up.

    Forest Reserve Tour

  • Extreme Ziplining

    See the world below pass by you quickly while soaring through the Monteverde cloud forest canopy at Selvatura Park. This exciting 3-hour zip line tour packs a load of incredible sights and amazing scenes all laying below you. A tour such as this is bound to leave you totally thrilled.

  • Sky Walk Hanging Bridges

    Sky Walk of the Monteverde Cloud forest is a great way to take a deep, educated look at the ecosystem of this location and the components of the ecosystem as well. This 2.5 km circuit trail extends all the way around the forest through very distinct levels of the uniquely structured and diverse ecosystem. The sheer height of the bridges gives you a thrill as well.

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