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Things to do in Karlovy Vary - Czech Republic

One of Karlovy Vary’s original fans was Russia’s first tsar Peter the Great and today this typically Habsburg spa town continues to be a favorite destination for Russia’s rich and famous. Throughout the 19th century, Karlovy Vary rapidly expanded from a small village into a gem of a town dominated by palatial art-noveau hotels that catered to Europe’s aristocracy. Visitor numbers peaked shortly before the outbreak of World War One and the town seems to have been frozen in time ever since making it one of Europe’s most enchanting hidden gems. Beyond Karlovy Vary’s spectacular architecture, most visitors refresh themselves in the town’s healing thermal springs, eat the local delicacy oplatky (sweet nut wafers) and hike in the surrounding hills.

  • Mill Colonnade

    The Mill Colonnade is one of the traditional symbols of the town of Karlovy Vary. It is a large colonnade that comprises up to 12 different mineral hot springs all with different temperatures ranging from 40 °C to 72 °C and one amazing fact is that you can taste them on your tour.

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  • Museum of Glass MOSER

    Museum of Glass MOSER is well-known for various unique glassblowing demonstrations and also has various historic pieces displayed.

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  • Jan Becher Museum

    Apart from the Jan Becher Museum is a center of attraction, it is also located in a historic building which makes a tour of this place all the more enthralling. This historic building where the museum is located has the pleasant scent of the local unique liqueur known as 'Becherovka' which is one of the products for which Karlovy Vary is known.

  • Mariánské Lázne

    Mariánské Lázne plays host to romantic colonnades, beautiful spa parks, charming pavilions, cozy hotels, and pleasant cafes. This is a perfect place to end your tour for the day. Mariánské Lázne is also one of the eleven European spa towns which are looking to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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