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Things to do in Stanley - Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands is one of those places you see on every tourism magazine and many who have visited would tell you it is worth every buzz that it gets. Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, it is an archipelago consisting of numerous islands. The island’s history is not all rosy, as it has seen its own fair share of battles - it was the site for the “Falklands War” which lasted for over 10-weeks between Argentina and the British.

Known for its stunning scenery, rich heritage, and incredible wildlife; the islands have everything you seek in a tourist destination.

  • Christ Church Cathedral

    Built because of the Holy Trinity Church destroyed by the Island’s peat slip of 1886, the Majestic Christ Church Cathedral is not only a place of worship but a symbolic monument to Falkland Island.  Consecrated in 1892, the cathedral was designed by Sir Arthur Blomfied. The cathedral was constructed using mainly local bricks and stone, it also has the most impressive interior and exterior styles with its famous stained-glass that can be seen from far away. At the front of the Cathedral is a whalebone arch monument, made from the jaws of two blue whales.

  • Boot Hill

    Located near Port Stanley is the boot hill, which is basically a place where people drop their shoes as part of tradition. There are many stories as to what started the boot hill – one of the stories is that of a local man whose leg was blown off by one of the mines left behind after the war between the Argentina and the UK, with his leg blown off the man decided to leave one of his boots at the hill. Another says that it began when retired workers of the airport near the hill retire, they leave their boots behind. As a tradition when visitors visit they also leave their footwear behind as well, leading the growth of the Boot Hill.

  • Bertha’s Beach

    Situated on East Falkland, Bertha’s Beach is significantly more different from most beaches. Classified as an “important Bird Area”, the beach gets its name from a shipwrecked barque – it is home to different species of penguins as well as several other animals. It also has a flora presence, with most of the plants endemic to the region.

  • Blue Beach and Argentine Military Cemetery

    Both built honoring the lost soldiers in the Falklands War. The Argentine Military Cemetery was set up by the British after the Argentinians refused to receive the bodies of the fallen soldiers claiming they were already buried at home. Set up atop a hill the graves are marked by white crosses, there are over 200 Argentine Soldiers laid to rest there.

    The Blue Beach is the smallest of both cemeteries and was built for fallen British soldiers whose families agreed for them to be buried on the island, the rest of them were sent back home. Visitors can visit both cemeteries to pay their respects.

  • The Shipwreck of Lady Elizabeth

    For a bit of mystery visit the shipwreck of lady Elizabeth, built by Robert Thompson to replace the first Lady Elizabeth which sunk in Western Australia. The “second” Lady Elizabeth had been in service for over 30 years, until the December 4th, 1912 when she left Vancouver with cargo headed for Mozambique. On the way she got hit by strong waves and got damaged losing both men and cargo. Eventually she made it to Port Stanley where she was declared sea unworthy and left on the dock but on February 17, 1936, during a storm it drifted into Whale Bone Cove and has been there ever since. There are also stories of sailors getting missing and sick on board the ship.

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