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Things to do in Georgetown - Guyana

Guyana is a not so popular country located at the north-eastern corner of South America and it is the only English-speaking country in the continent. Its capital city is Georgetown and was founded by the British in 1781 and named after George III, it is situated in the Demerara-Mahaica region.

Having a similar feel to most British colonial cities, some of its major attractions include its architectural works such as the St. George’s cathedral, museums and gardens.

  • Castellani House

    Built and designed by one of the most famous and respected artists of Guyana Cesar Castellani, the Castellani House is one building that has played many roles since its construction. Originally built as the residence of the government botanist, George Samuel Jenman the building later became the home for the directors of agriculture after the death of Jenman. From 1965 to 1985 it served as the residence of Prime Minster Forbes, currently it is the home of the National Art Gallery that showcases over 700 works of art of local artists.

  • St George’s Cathedral

    Standing at 143 feet (43.59 meters), the St. George’s cathedral is the best piece of architectural work in Georgetown, built in 1899 using designs of Sir Arthur Blomfied, it is recognized as the official seat of the Bishop of Guyana and a National Monument. Well decorated with stained glasses depicting various biblical verses including the Crucifixion and the Ascension on the outside, its interior also follows a similar trend with intricately carved woodwork and ironwork. At the northern aisle of the cathedral is a small Gothic shrine of carved oak built to commemorate the Bishop Coleridge, a respected leader of the church.

  • Georgetown’s Museums

    Established on 13 February 1869, the national museum was conceived off the idea of member of the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society(RACS) of Guyana. It focuses on documenting the nation’s cultural political and social history through several artifacts found around the country.

    The other Museum in the capital is the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology also dedicated on displaying the history of Guyana but more centered on the collection, and exhibitions of artifacts from ancient cultures of Guyana. Its exhibitions include ethnographic collection of Waiwa and several artifacts excavated from the different regions of Guyana.

  • Botanical Gardens

    Another of Georgetown’s attraction is its Botanical Gardens, it offers a great relaxation and thought gathering spot like most gardens. Visitors can peruse through its tropical trees and flowers, while admiring its ponds. There is also a mini zoo in the garden as well as the mausoleum of Forbes Burnham Guyana’s former president.

  • National Library

    Situated in central Georgetown the National Library of Guyana is one to visit. Formerly known as the Carnegie Free Library - it was founded in 1909 and has several collections of books, historical documents, phonograph recordings and manuscripts all culminating to over 300,000 items. It allows public lending, so you can get a good book to keep you company throughout your stay in the city.

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