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Things to do in Madaba - Jordan

Best known as Jordan’s main Christian settlement, Madaba is the country’s hidden gem offering a rare glimpse into the region’s Byzantine past. While not far from the buzz of Amman, Madaba is a world away with a sleepy Ottoman-era town center and traditional market making for a charmingly laid back atmosphere. However, the town’s main draw is undoubtedly the Byzantine mosaics that bedeck its many Orthodox churches. The most impressive of these mosaics is the dazzling map of the Holy Land found on the floor of Saint George’s Church. However, those at the Church of the Apostles and the nearby Mount Nebo, where Moses looked over the Promised Land, are equally enchanting.

  • Madaba Archaeological Park

    The park was open for no other reason than to make archeological artifacts from the ancient times, especially from the Roman times, accessible to the public. Also, many beautiful Byzantine Mosaic floors are displayed in this park. Tourists who want to feast their eyes on many rare and fascinating relics from the Roman times are all welcome to take a tour of the place.

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  • Mount Nebo

    This hill is very popular for the part it played in history. According to the Bible, Moses was shown the Promised Land from the top of this hill and this same hill is said to be where he drew his last breath. Today, this site is popular among Christian pilgrims from all over the world, so it receives a good number of visitors who come touring every year.

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  • Madaba Mosaic Map

    Madaba is the home of the Mosaic Map that contains vivid details of hills, valleys, villages, and towns of Jerusalem on 2 million pieces of local stone. What makes this Mosaic Map exceptional is that there were not many intricately detailed maps in the time that the map was made.

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