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Things to do in Tarawa - Kiribati

Formerly known as the Gilbert Islands, Kiribati is another of those destinations that you would hardly see on the itinerary of most travelers. Located in Micronesia in the central Pacific Ocean, its made up of a raised coral island, 32 atolls and reef islands with a population of just over 110,000 most of which stay in its capital Tarawa.

Generally speaking, Kiribati might not be regarded as one of the top Pacific Island Nations but it is still a destination to see due to its diverse culture, amazing cuisine, pristine beaches, clear weather and welcoming locals.

  • Tarawa

    The most popular place in Kiribati and also its capital – if you are visiting Kiribati for the first time this is most likely going to be your first stop before exploring other parts. Home to most of Kiribati’s population, it is famous for the Battle of Tarawa – a battle that was fought on 20-23 November 1943 making it a part of the infamous World War II. The city is filled with lovely attractions to keep you engrossed throughout your stay and it is also where all the happenings in Kiribati occur.

  • Kiribati Cultural Museum

    Known locally as the Te Umanibong, the cultural museum is located in Bikenibeu and was established in 1973 by the nation’s government in a bid to preserve the country’s history and culture. Its exhibitions are centered around arts collections from the local tribes and artifacts of significant historic relevance.

  • Christmas Islands

    By its name alone, it is obvious that it is an island that brings many gifts and celebration. It is home to some of the city’s clearest waters and offers visitors a chance to go snorkeling swimming and fishing. The island is also a good bird watching area with several endemic species present.

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