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Things to do in Maputo - Mozambique

Maputo’s is Mozambique’s capital city; the city is gradually moving from relatively unknown to a welcoming tourist destination. Fondly called the city of acacias, Maputo is lined with colonial buildings which symbolically represent its years as a Portuguese colony, it also offers beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches and welcoming locals.

With places to visit and activities lined up in this wonderful capital, the best place to start your exploration should be the amazing CFM railway station, then you can move on to see the Samora Machel Monument and the rest Maputo has to offer.

  • CFM Railway Station

    Probably the most iconic building in all of Mozambique, the CFM Railway Station built in 1912 is part of a transportation system that links Swaziland, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Known for its beauty, it was designed by an associate of Gustave Eiffel (the famous Eiffel tower designer). Not for just a working train station alone, it is quite the entertainment center - featuring the Kulungwana Espaco Artistico, and it often hosts countless art exhibitions and concerts.

  • Samora Machel Monument

    Located at the center of Praça da Independence is the Samora Machel monument. As the name suggests it was built honoring Samora Michel, the first President of Mozambique who rule from 1922-1986 before dying in a plane crash. The 31 ft (9.45 meters) bronze statue was set up to honor the man who led the local army to victory over the Portuguese in the country’s fight for freedom. Often criticized that it bears no resemblance to the man himself – it was inaugurated on the 25th anniversary of Machel’s death.

  • The National Museum of Art

    The National Museum of Art is the center of creativity in Maputo. Located on Ho Chi Minh Avenue in Karl Max Area, the museum was established on May 18,1989, to promote the works of indigenous artists. The museum which has three exhibition rooms (two permanent), that features works of paintings, photographs, sculptures and woodcuts all totaling to about 2000 works. The highlight of the museum remains Vasco Manhica’s “Country of Pandza” which won the gallery’s honorable award in 2016.

  • Praça dos Trabalhadores (Workers Square)

    Set up as a memorial for the Mozambique soldiers that lost their lives during the First World War, it was previously known as Praças Dos MacMahon. The memorial is a statue of a woman - which according to legend killed a cobra said to have been terrorizing the local people. It was said that the cobra fell into her pot of hot porridge that she was carrying. The statue is a symbol of bravery and commitment to the citizens of Mozambique.

  • Casa de Ferro (Iron House)

    Not much to see asides its wonderful architecture. It was designed by the famous Gustav Eiffel, the 19th century building was built to be the residence for the governor of Maputo. Built solely using Iron, the house did not suit the tropical conditions of Maputo and became impossible to live in. It remains one of Mozambique famous landmarks.

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