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Things to do in Kathmandu - Nepal

Located in the Himalayan hill region is Kathmandu, often regarded as the “city of temples” due to the fact that it has many temples. The city for many years has been the center of Nepal’s art, culture and economic growth.

The small sized city of about a million people have no shortage of memorable and historical places to visits such as temples, museums, national parks and the famous mountains.

  • Narayanhiti Palace Museum

    The Narayanhiti Palace Museum was the home of Nepal’s Royal families for centuries till the monarchy was abolished in 2008 by citizens of Nepal. Situated to the north of Durbar Mag and east of the Greater Thamel it was designed by American architect Benjamin Polk, the former palace occupies a mind-blowing 74 acres and has 52 rooms (only 19 are opened to the public). Built with mostly brick and mortar, its known as the location for Nepalese Royal Massacre, where ten members of the royal family were killed in a mass shooting by then crown prince during a party.

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  • Chitwan National Park

    To experience nature in its purest for head to the Chitwan National Park. Chitwan which when translated means “Heart of the jungle” is a 952 square kilometer nature reserve site that attracts tourists yearly. The Park used to be a haunting ground for the Nepal’s ruling class, high class foreign dignitaries and even locals till 1957 when the country’s first conservation law was enacted to prevent poaching. When at the park you can see the Bengal tigers, elephants and leopards. The best time to visit the national park is between January and March.

  • Fly over the Everest

    Nepal is home to the highest mountain on earth and often times it is very difficult to hike to its base or climb the mountain itself. So tourist who still want to get a close view of the famous mountain Everest can still experience it by flying over it. It is a popular option taken by tourists so at the Kathmandu airport you would find many airlines offering such services at good rates.

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  • Thamel District

    Taking a walk through the famous Thamel District is a must for anybody visiting the capital, located at the center of the city it gives a picture of the everyday lives of citizens of Nepal. There are restaurants, shop, bars and even gardens in Thamel District. It makes a lovely place to get some souvenirs and meet locals.

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  • Pashupatinath Temple

    This is one of the most recognized and sacred temples in Asia, built in the 5th century by Lichchavi King Prachanda Dev, the temple is located on the banks of the Bagamati River. Designed with pogoda style architecture, it stands at a height of 24 meters and has gold covered copper roofs. The temple plays host to festivals regularly such as Maha Shiva Ratri Bala Chaturthi festival and Teej Festival. It should be noted that there are also many temples and shrines around the Pashupatinath Temple.

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