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While much of Portugal’s Algarve has turned into a sprawl of resort hotels, the old world charm of the town of Lagos provides picturesque respite from the region’s overdevelopment. Perched atop spectacular ochre colored cliffs, Lagos is surrounded by 16th century walls that conceal a captivating town of medieval cobbled streets, café-lined squares and pastel colored fisherman’s houses. For a small town, Lagos’ role in world history is unrivaled. The 15th century home of Prince Henry the Navigator, the town was where a number of Portuguese explorers set off for the New World. What is more, Lagos’ golden beaches are unrivaled in Portugal making the town the perfect cocktail of laid back beach resort and historic treasure trove.

  • Ponta da Piedade

    Located at the Barlavento region of Algarve is the beautiful Ponta da Piedade. If there's anything that Ponta da Piedade is famous for, it is its awe-inspiring rock formations and its many inconspicuous grottos. At Ponta da Piedade, it always appears as if nature itself does a full-time job of preserving the beauty of this site.

    75-Minute Boat Cruise to Ponta da Piedade

  • Praia Dona Ana

    If one wanted to describe Praia Dona Ana with just one word, the word would be "fascinating". Praia Dona Ana is a beach cove that has tall and majestic looking cliffs surrounding it. The view from the top of the cliffs is totally fascinating, while the beauty of the beach cove makes it all the more beautiful.

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  • Praia do Camilo

    The 200-step descent into this sandy cove usually feels like descending into paradise. This is because down at the base of those steps is the cove itself, a perfect edifice of beauty awaits. The cove is surrounded by beautifully colored rocks and a single tunnel that was hand dug. The beauty of this site makes the journey totally worth it.

    Lagos & Ponta da Piedade Car or Scooter Tour

  • Ponta da Piedade Kayak Tour

    The tour starts by boarding a kayak from Lagos Marina to Ponta da Piedade. While on your journey, the mesmerizing sights of cliffs and sparkling water bodies will be your company all the way to Ponta da Piedade. On getting to the Ponta da Piedade, the magnificent rock formations and imposing cliffs will have you marveling at its beauty.

    Marina de Lagos

  • Algar de Benagil

    Algar de Benagil may not be the most popular site at Lagos but it is in no way inferior in beauty to other popular tourist attraction sites. A boat ride from Lagos Marina is the start of this awe-inspiring tour where you will get to see beautiful sights of amazing rock formations stretching across the horizon.

    Boat Cruise to Algar de Benagil

  • Interact With Dolphins

    Dolphins are one of the most intelligent non-human creatures, and you can get a chance to witness their intelligence first hand in Lagos. There are educators around willing to show you how to interact with these remarkably intelligent animals and a number of other fun activities you can participate in await.

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  • Monchique and Fóia

    With the many rocky sites that are in Lagos, one may be surprised that there is still some rich vegetation around. What's more interesting is that you would find that the site with one of the richest vegetation in the city is Monchique mountain. So while you gaze at the beautiful world around you from the top of the mountain, the smell of fresh vegetation provides a calming sensation.

    Monchique and Fóia Tour

  • Cuisine

    The beauty of Portugal does not end with the magnificent sights alone. Tasting some local delicacies make for a great way to end every tour. In Lagos, you would be taken to five different spots where you can taste Portugal's best delicacies which do not only look appealing to the eyes, but are also very much appetizing.

    Algarve Classic Food Tour

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