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Things to do in El Nido - Philippines

El Nido is the bustling gateway to the Philippines’ largest marine sanctuary, the mesmerizing Bacuit archipelago. El Nido itself is a refreshingly low-key town buzzing with the typically Philippine sounds of diesel boat engines, tricycle horns and gently lapping waves. Hemmed between a set of gigantic limestone cliffs, the setting of El Nido is also one of the country’s most spectacular and makes for an enchanting base to explore the offshore wonders, namely the Bacuit archipelago. One of the most iconic landscapes in the country, the archipelago is a collection of over forty jungle-clad limestone islets defined by precipitous limestone cliffs and jaw-dropping perfect beaches.

  • Big Lagoon

    Access to the Big Lagoon is limited to about 500 people per day, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. Apart from the fact that the lagoon is one of the premium sites in that area, the beauty of the lagoon is one that should be preserved for as long as possible. This is why tourists are advised to book a tour of the lagoon in advance.

    Island Hopping Tour

  • Secret Lagoon

    This beautiful lagoon is hidden away and can only be reached by going through a tiny cave entrance. Nature rightfully hides this site as it is filled with so much beautiful sights that will remain with you for a very long time. The clear lagoon reflects the sun rays so beautifully that it looks like paradise out there.

    Hidden Beaches and Lagoons Tour

  • Cudugnon Cave

    The Cudugnon Cave has a long and remarkable history due to its strategic use in the second world war. This is the cave where Japanese soldiers hid during the time of war. Today, this cave is very much open to tourists. While taking in the sights of the cave's interior, tour guides are always near to fill your ears with tales of the action that went down there.

    Cudognong Cave Tour

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