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Things to do in Bratislava - Slovakia

Known as Pressburg till 1919, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. The city is often said to be the travelers dream because it has beautiful museums, castles and tall towers. The famous city is home to the St. Martin Cathedral the one time coronation center of King and Queens, Kamzik Radio Tower with a host of other monuments.

  • Bratislava Castle / Devin Castle

    Being a developed city even in the old days, Bratislava has some magnificent Castles. The Bratislava Castle was built in the 9th century and is located on the highest point of the hill Little Capartians. It has been subjected to many natural and man made disasters but still stands after several years.

    The Devin Castle on the other hand, is not as big as the Bratislava Castle but still very significant. Rumored to be built as far back as the 5th century it played a major part in Slavian history. The castle is currently in ruins after the destruction by Napoleon troops in 1809, but still a sight to behold. Bratislava is really the country if you want to see ancient buildings with historical importance.

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  • St. Martin’s Cathedral

    With huge stained windows it is hard to miss the St. Martin’s Cathedral. Built during the 15th Century it is known as the coronation church during those times, crowning up to eleven kings and Queens. It is a lovely place to visit and if you feel like it, you can stay for one of their services.

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  • Kamzik Radio Tower

    Standing at a massive 166 meters is the Kamzik Radio Tower erected in 1975, it is located on top of the Kamzik Hill.  The tower is a very nice place to get a look at the city and it also has restaurants, eateries and a bistro. Over the top of the tower you can see other countries close to Slovakia as well.

  • Slavin War Memorial

    Set up to immortalize the thousands of soldiers that lost their lives in April 1945 while trying to take back the city from the Germans in WWII. In front of the Slavin War Memorial are six mass graves in which the soldiers were buried, so if you want to pay your respects to the fallen heroes you can visit it. Located on top of a hill the view is enchanting.

  • Old Town Hall

    Completed in 1599 it is one of Slovakia’s oldest still standing monuments. An architectural beauty with a Gothic finishing. Inside old Town hall is a museum that showcases the rich history of the city. It has artifacts like torture instruments dating back to medieval times. Visitors are always welcome.

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  • Take a Walk

    To be fully immersed in what Bratislava has to offer, take a walk on one of the cool evenings and enjoy the scenery. On one of those walks, look at for the statues all around the city, you are mostly to come across “cumil” a bronze representation of a man coming out of the underground sewers at the junction of Lurinská and Panska Streets.

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