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Postojna Caves are one of Europe’s most jaw-dropping natural wonders. Carved out by the Pivka River, the cave system is some 24 kilometers long and encompasses a host of subterranean ravines, caverns and halls, some of which are as large as cathedrals. The largest caverns are the Concert Hall, Great Mountain cavern and Winter Hall, all of which are coated in layers of ribbon-shaped stalactites and stalagmites, some of which are more than 2 million years old. Visits to the cave are by guided tour only with visitors getting a glimpse of the system walking and by underground railway. Beyond the caves themselves, further up the valley is the Predjama Castle, which looks straight out the pages of a fairy tale.

  • Postojna Cave

    Most visitors come to Postojna for one thing: Europe’s greatest cave system. Stretching for more than 24 kilometers and some 2 million years old, the caves can only be explored via guided tours that take you on foot and by miniature railway through a series of jaw-dropping caverns and tunnels that are coated in stalactites and stalagmites. To put the size of the caves in perspective, the largest cavern can accommodate around 10 000 people.

    Postojna Cave Tour

  • Predjama Castle

    Built into a cave system at the end of a steep-sided sub-Alpine valley, Predjama Castle is one of Europe’s most impregnable fortresses. With a history dating back to 1202, the castle has a storied past that matches its awe-inspiring setting – indeed, it was once home to Slovenia’s own Robin Hood.

    Predjama Castle Tour from Ljubljana

  • Planina Cave

    Further proof of Postojna’s spectacular geology can be found at Planina Cave where the subterranean Unica River reaches the surface. Tours of the interior reveal vast underground lagoons, impressive rock formations and raging white water rapids.

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