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Things to do in Antalya - Turkey

Best known as the gateway to the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is today a thriving destination in its right with palpable history and breathtaking seaside parks. The historic core of Antalya is the walled neighborhood of Kaleiçi (literally meaning ‘within the castle’), which contains a host of labyrinthine streets, charmingly dilapidated Ottoman-era manor houses, covered bazaars and elegant mosques that give visitors a flavor of Turkey’s heyday as the center of a transcontinental empire. However, Antalya’s history goes further back than the Ottomans with a clutch of unrivaled Roman sites – including the evocative Roman harbor and the monumental Hadrian’s Gates. What is more, beyond the history Antalya is a fantastic place to relax with the hidden gems of Mermerli and Karaalioglu parks offering tea bars, shaded gardens and views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Hadrian's Gate

    Hadrian's Gate was built about 2000 years ago to celebrate the arrival of Emperor Hadrian, and still stands today. This architectural beauty is held up by several columns, forming three arches with a frame of marble. Since it was built, the gate has witnessed the passage of the wealthiest, most popular and most powerful personalities in ancient times.

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  • Kursunlu Waterfalls

    This beautiful waterfall lies among a fascinating spread of flora. The Kursunlu Waterfall is fed by the Aksu River which then drops off into a plateau in the area. The pool that gathers at the base of the waterfall is home to beautiful creatures like crab, water turtles and fish. It's a nice picnic spot for tourists.

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  • Antalya Museum

    An interesting fact about this museum is that it exhibits artifacts that date as far back as the stone age up to the bronze age and Byzantium. The museum also has halls that have specific artifacts and art pieces for different themes. One of the halls is called the Hall of Gods which has the statues of all 15 Greek gods, while another hall is called the Hall of Regional Excavations and has exhibits from ancient cities, such as Pethar and Xanthos.

  • Köprülü Canyon

    Nature has much more to show you at Köprülü than the already mind-blowing canyon that is found at the site. The beautiful Köprülü River is also a magnificent work of nature that attracts thousands of tourists annually. The fast flowing river is not just a beautiful sight to gaze upon, but also a suitable site for sporting activities like rafting.

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  • Cotton Palace

    Those that find themselves at the Cotton Palace often imagine they are in an entirely different world of cascading snow cliffs. There is a river that flows down on one of the higher cliffs and creates a beautiful waterfall at the base of the cliff. At this same site, there are historical monuments that have been since 2nd century BC and are also worth checking out.

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