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Best things to do in Fairbanks

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Things to do in Fairbanks - United States of America

Set in the heart of Alaska, one of the world’s last remaining true wildernesses, Fairbanks seems an unlikely location for the state’s second largest city. Indeed, the city was founded by accident in 1901 when a steamship ran aground on the Chena River and the stricken passengers fortuitously struck gold. The historic downtown of Fairbanks sprung up not long after and today it is picture perfect with vintage neon signs, art-deco cinemas and clapboard houses. However, the main draw of coming this deep into Alaska is undoubtedly the surrounding natural wonders. Just south of the town is the Denali National Park, which encircles the behemoth Denali Mountain, the tallest in North America with a bigger vertical rise that Mount Everest. What is more, in the winter months Fairbanks is one of the best spots in the world for watching the ever-elusive Northern Lights.

  • Museum of the North

    Located in Fairbanks, the Museum features arts, science, and history from Alaska. Similarly, the Museum of the North is concerned with the development and use of geological, botanical, cultural and zoological collections to better investigate issues pertaining to the past and present of the North as well as the future.

    Fairbanks Heritage Tour

  • Northern Lights Tour

    Being as close as it is to the north pole, one can get to see natural occurrences that occur only at the north pole at this place. Out of many of such occurrences is Aurora Borealis. What’s more interesting is that this Aurora Borealis does not just happen in winter at the north pole, it happens almost all the time.

    Northern Lights and Arctic Circle Tour

  • Snowmobile Tour

    A tour around the Chena Lakes Recreation Area is a surprise package of many things. The place has beautiful trails, rivers, and lakes and is suitable for riding. Part of the surprise package is also the feeling of adventure that accompanies the touring of the place.

    Snowmobile Tour

  • Chena Hot Springs

    Chena Hot Springs Resort offers you to see one of the many wonders of nature and it was discovered in 1905. The Resort is also famous for its ice museum and the number of greenhouses that are there.

    Chena Hot Springs Day Tour

  • Fairbanks Ice Museum

    The museum features ice sculptures that were locally made and was built by a thousand tons of ice and snow that is always at -7C. For summer, the museum opens up in May and is totally dedicated to anything that has got to do with snow.

    Aurora Ice Museum Tour

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