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Things to do in Algiers - Algeria

Welcome to Algiers, the capital of the largest country in Africa. Often referred to as “Africa’s White Lady” because of its dazzling white buildings that seem to be rising from sea, Algeria’s number one city is the center of its economic activities. A trip to Algiers will certainly be worth it, visit the Notre Dame d’Afrique, Djamaa el Kebir and other attractions the city has to offer for an unforgettable experience.

  • Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa)

    Completed in 1872 after 14 years of construction, the church is a symbol of Christianity in a predominantly Muslim city. Located on a 407ft (124.05 m) cliff on the north side of Algiers, the Notre Dame d’Afrique was designed by architect Jean-Eugene Fromageau. Famous for its Neo-Byzantine style and 46 stained windows that have been restored twice due to a series of conflicts in Algiers. At the church you will see an inscription on the apse which says “Notre Dame d’Afrique priez pour nouns et pour les Musulmans” which when translated says “Our Lady of Africa pray for us and for the Muslims”.

  • Makam El Chahid (Martyrs’ Memorial)

    The Makam El Chahid is the majestic monument built to commemorate the Algerian War Independence. Designed mainly by Bachir Yelles and Marian Konieczny the monument was the brainchild of President Houari Boumedienne.

    The Makam El Chahid stands at a height of 92 meters with a design resembling sculpted fins or palm fronds which “join” together to protect the “Eternal flame” and at the base of each frond or fin is a statue of a soldier.  Beneath the monument which sits on an esplanade is an amphitheater, a museum and a crypt.

  • National Museum of Antiquities

    For an insight into the rich culture of Algeria visit National Museum of Antiquities, established in 1897 it is home to the finest artworks in Algeria’s history. Some artifacts in exhibition include ivory carvings, mosaics, statues of totemic warriors horse riding and coins. But no doubt the star attraction of the museum is the fascinating figure of a chubby child holding an eagle to his chest, this particular artwork dates back to the 3rd century.

  • Djamaa el Kebir

    Referred to as the Great Mosque of Algiers, it is the religious center of the capital. Built in 1097, it is the second oldest mosque in the city and one of the last standing examples of Almorav’s architecture. Established under Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf, the mosque features a prayer hall divided into eleven naves and also a minaret built by the Ziyyanid Sultan of Tiemcen.

  • Sidi Fredj Peninsula

    Sidi Fredj Peninsula designed by French architect Fernand Pouillon is a world-class resort area attracting thousands of tourists yearly. Located on the Sidi Fredj Peninsula, the historical site where the French troops landed in 1830 with the intent to colonize Algeria, its also the location for the bid to liberate North Africa during the World War II in 1943. There is a plethora of things to do at the resort such as surfing, fishing, skiing and water sport competitions.

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