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Things to do in Salzburg - Austria

Offering majestic baroque architecture, breathtaking views of the Alps and an unrivaled musical heritage, Salzburg is the quintessentially Austrian city. Nestled beneath the imposing ramparts and towers of Festung Hohensalzburg, one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval castles, Salzburg’s Altstadt remains much as it was when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart resided there 250 years ago. Beyond the fortress, the skyline is dotted with a picturesque collection of onion-domed churches, many of which belong to the dazzling archbishop’s Residenz. While the city is magical in winter when surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the best time to visit is during July and August when the Salzburg Festival is in full swing and the city is transformed into a vast celebration of its most famous son, Mozart.

  • Mirabell Palace

    One thing you'll never be short of at the Mirabell Palace is music. The palace often hosts musical concerts. Pieces from world artist Mozart are constantly being performed alongside contemporary songs as well. You can also take a tour of the beautiful Baroque Marble Hall in the palace.

    Concert at Mirabell Palace

  • Hellbrunn Palace

    The Hellbrunn Palace is about 400 years old and was erected to be a pleasure palace for receiving guests. The palace, today, is a tourist attraction site that receives a good number of visitors every year. The Trick Fountain and the Garden in the palace are two spots that receive the highest number of tourists.

    Salzburg City Tour

  • Mozart's Birthplace

    Mozart was an influential person in his time and still remains a force to contend with in the music world. He wrote songs royalty in his time and is still known as one of the greatest men in the history of music due to his unmatchable contributions. This is where you would find the birthplace of this great man who set a trend in the world of music. You can also take a tour of the home of the great Mozart.

    Salzburg Walking Tour

  • Fortress Hohensalzburg

    This grand castle is the biggest fully preserved castle in all of Central Europe and is arguably the most beautiful. It was built in 1077 by the then archbishop Gebhard and is now a very popular tourist attraction site. The significance of this structure is not lost on the people of Salzburg and is regarded as the emblem of the city.

    Fortress Concert

  • Sound of Music Museum

    Take a tour around the Trapped Family house and get a glimpse of what life looked like for them. The Sound of Music movie was made for the Trapp Family, the family of singers. The museum tells the story of their life, the Trapp Villa and how the movie compares with the real story of the Trapp family.

    Sound of Music Museum Ticket

  • Ice Caves

    Generally, the temperature of the ice caves is usually 0 degrees. Treat yourself to a tour of the beautiful Ice Caves where you'll get to go into caves made completely of ice and snow. The whiteness and the chill of the place are guaranteed to leave you awestruck.

    Private Ice Caves Tour

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