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Things to do in Bogota - Colombia

Bogota the capital of Colombia, also the largest city in the country, with a population of over 8 million it is the country’s administrative, economic, political and industrial center. The city is one of diverse culture and a mix of colonial and modern core. The city of Bogota and its country Colombia have really worked hard to improve their standings to become one of the leaders in cultural offerings in South America and now the nation is increasingly regarded as a top tourist destination.

  • Monserrate Hill

    Located at the center of Bogota is the Monserrate, a hill that towers to about 3152 meters above sea level. It is the site of a church that has a shrine devoted to El Señor Caído. Built in the 17th century it is considered to be a sacred place by Colombians, it is also a well-known pilgrim site. There are several ways to get to the top of the hill, through aerial tram, funicular or hiking. At the top you can find restaurants and bars.

    Monserrate Hill Tour

  • The Museum of Gold

    Established in 1939, it also known as El Museo del Oro. The museum contains the largest collection of gold artifacts in the world with over 55,000 pieces of gold items displayed. The museum displays precolonial works and it is not restricted to gold artifacts alone, there are also exhibitions for metal alloys, pottery, shell, stone, textile and wood. The basic concept of The Museum of Gold is to give an insight on how life was in Colombia before the Europeans arrived.

  • Bogotá Graffiti Tour

    In Bogota graffiti are permitted in certain parts of the city and this has actually led to the discovery of several talented artists. Since the graffiti are literally painted on the walls of the streets, you can walk around to view them but it is always preferable to get a guided tour, to see the hidden ones and get a bit of the history associated with some art works. There are tours in English, Spanish and German.

    Guided Graffiti Tour

  • Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park

    This is the largest park in the city, the park is a top spot for locals and visitors to relax and have some outdoor fun. The park is simply a top recreation location, when at the park you can play sports, go cycling, visit the gym or just relax by the lake. With the park extending over 970 acres this makes it larger than most parks in the world including New York’s central park. Nicknamed “the lung of the city”, it occasionally plays host to concerts and events.

    Bogotá City Tour

  • Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogota

    One of the most important events in Colombia, the Ibero-American Theater Festival happens every two years around March and April. The festival has been happening for over 30 years for a duration of 17 days and the festival features artists from around Colombia and the international scene. There is dance, music, circus and beautiful display of costumes at the concert. During the cultural events there are workshops and conferences given for interested persons.

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