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Things to do in Akureyri - Iceland

Perched at the end of Iceland’s longest fjord, the dramatic Eyjafjördur, and nestled beneath a towering snow-capped tabletop mountain, Akureyri is Iceland’s picture-perfect second city. However, with only 18 000 residents, do not expect the city to be a bustling metropolis. While Akureyri has a clutch of cool bars, artisanal coffee houses and contemporary art galleries, it has retained a small-town feel that makes it an ideal jumping off point to explore northern Iceland’s natural wonders. In the winter the nearby mountains provide opportunities for both on and off-piste skiing while the Eyjafjördur is accessible for hiking and boat trips in the summer months. What is more, in a country that sometimes feels like an endless expanse of tundra, the forest of Kjarnaskógur offers a welcome change of scenery.

  • Lake Mývatn

    Nestled in the volcanic landscape of northern Iceland, Lake Myvatn is rightly considered one of the country’s most jaw-dropping locations. Tours of the breathtaking lake encompass bubbling geothermal mud-pools, vast lava fields and seismic ravines in the earth’s surface. After all this, you will get the chance to relax at the Myvatn Nature Baths.

    Lake Mývatn Tour from Akureyri

  • Glacial River-Rafting down Grade 4+

    To satisfy your inner adrenaline junky, head for Iceland’s raging East Glacial River where you can ride over the heart pumping Screaming Lady and Jumping Rock rapids before admiring the awe-inspiring landscape from the tranquility of the confluence of the East and West rivers.

    Adrenaline Pumping River-Rafting

  • Icelandic Aviation Museum

    With a host of impressive vintage airplanes, the Aviation Museum is the best place in Iceland to get to grips with the country’s fascinating history of flight.

  • Dettifoss Waterfall

    To witness the raw power of nature there is no better place to go than the breathtaking Dettifoss Waterfall, which is thought to be Europe’s largest. Every second a massive 400 cubic meters of water plunge over the craggy precipice sending spray into the air that forms spectacular double rainbows in summer.

    Private Dettifoss Waterfall Tour

  • Lofthellir Ice Cave

    The Lofthellir Ice Cave is one of Iceland’s most mystical attractions. Dating back nearly four millennia, the cave was formed as a result of explosive volcanic eruptions and today is filled with a phantasmagoria of stalactites and stalagmites all made from ice. For the best experience guided tours are available that reveal the caves many geological secrets. 

    Lofthellir Ice Cave Exploration Tour

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