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Things to do in Majuro - Marshall Islands

There is a high chance that you have never heard about the Marshall Islands, which is also the case of many tourist as well. But if you are ever in need of a great and exciting island nation away from the popular ones, then its safe to say that the Marshall Islands are your best bet.

Located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, it is part of Micronesia, sharing its borders with Kiribati, Nauru, Federated States of Micronesia and Wake Island. A good place to start your exploration of the islands would be Majuro, its capital and largest city.

  • Cactus Dome

    Located on Munit Island, the Cactus Dome is a large concrete structure built over a nuclear crater.  Between 1946 and 1962, the United States of America military conducted a series of nuclear tests on the Marshall Islands. After the test had been conducted, in the late 1970s there was a need to clear out all the debris from the experiments – the intended site for the debris to be deposited was a 350-foot wide crater originally created by an 18-kiloton nuclear test code-named Cactus. After dumping the debris in the cactus, it required covering up resulting to a billion dollar 100,000 square foot (0.93 ha) dome.

  • Alele Museum and Library

    Set up in 1981 as a non-profit venture with a mission of collecting, displaying and preserving the cultural and heritage of the indigenous population of the Marshall Islands. The museum permanent exhibitions include artwork, tools, historical photos and much more. Situated in the same build as the museum is the library, it is family friend featuring a kids’ section.

  • Bikini Atoll

    Consisting of over 23 islands surrounded by a central Lagoon - it is known for being the test site for 23 nuclear tests ran by the United State of America till 1956 and for being the “location” for popular kids show Sponge Bob squarepants (bikini bottom). Open to visitors it offers some of the best flora and fauna attractions in the nation – its clear waters have become a major area for activities such as diving, snorkeling and sport fishing. Visitors can also check out some of its shipwreck sites that have occurred over the years on its lagoon.

  • Majuro Bridge

    For a panoramic view of the Marshall Islands capital city Majuro - head over to the Majuro Bridge. Located at the highest point on the island it connects Delap to Long Island and it is also where the ocean water meets the lagoon waters.

  • Arno Atoll

    Perhaps the most famous of all of coral atolls that make up the Marshall Island is the Arno Atoll – with over 133 islands it is the closest to Majuro and encloses three different lagoons. Popular for being the location of “love school” where young women were taught sexual techniques, the island is a great place to engage in various aquatic activities ranging from watching out for marine animals to water sports.

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