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Best things to do in Panama City

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Things to do in Panama City - Panama

Panama City is the largest city in Panama, home to over 1.5 million indigenes. It is located at the pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. Like most major city, its people are the bedrock of the community and there is a sense of belonging in the Panama culture that makes everyone feels at home, whether a local or a visitor. A visit to Panama City is no doubt a worthwhile experience.

  • The Panama Canal

    To kick off your visit to Panama City, the Panama Canal is regarded as the best starting point. Located at Mira Flores locks it is considered as part of the greatest achievement of Panama and gathers thousands of tourists yearly. Watching the Canal in works is a very pleasing scene, as it pours into the Pacific Ocean. A must go for every visitor.

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  • Panama Viejo

    This is a place rich with history and full of stories. It is said to have been destroyed by Captain Morgan in 1671, another story says it was burned down by the people of the city to make it looked like it had been destroyed already. Whatever the story, it is an exciting place to enjoy the city of Panama and all it has to give. The ruins of Panama Viejo are sure to take your mind back to what it was like to live in such times. It is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • Biomuseo

    The Biomuseo is the most eye-catching museum in Panama City, it is focused on sharing the history of panama. Designed in 1999 by the esteemed Architect Frank Gehry, the Biomuseo is his first ever design for Latin America. It opened its doors in 2004 and consist of eight galleries as its main exhibition areas as well as other temporary exhibition room.

    If you want to learn a thing or two while enjoying the beautiful Panama City, then you should not miss out on visiting the Biomuseo.

  • Take a walk

    It is always a major advice to take a walk round the city because the streets of Panama are filled with things to see and you would be surprise what you can discover when you walk around. One of those things is the large sculpted head of famous scientist Albert Einstein located at the entrance of New York Café Bagel. Walk down the streets of Cinta Costera and Avenida Central, these are good places to meet locals and you can also get to see street art and entertainment especially at evenings where the whole area gets to peak serenity.

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  • La India Dormida

    A visit to Panama City is not complete without a trip to La India Dormida which when translated to English means “the sleeping Indian girl”. If you are the outdoor type you can go on a hike on the different trails depending on which you prefer, there are also various waterfalls to see around. If you are the more introverted kind, there are many fun things to do at the base of the mountain as well. Either way it is a spectacular place to visit.

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