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Things to do in Baku - Azerbaijan

Perched on the south shore of the Absheron Peninsula, beside the Bay of Baku, lays Baku, the cultural, scientific center and capital of the beautiful Azerbaijan. The city is also known as “City of Winds” and rightly so because it is blustery all year round. Oil is the major product but you will also find grapes abundant. Baku brims with interesting buildings and is the city where medieval and modern architecture collide. The Maiden Tower and Palace of Shirvanshah, located in the inner city/old town of Baku and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site are among top medieval age historical places to visit in Baku while the modern architecture includes buildings such as Flame tower skyscrapers, Heydar Aliyev Center, Socar Tower and many more. But along with its historic and modern exquisite architecture, the city has some beautiful and verdant parks and it also hosts several activities related to culture and arts. There are mosques and museums also worth a visit.  

  • Maiden Tower

    Maiden tower is a medieval age historic building in Baku and is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tower consists of a museum, a good place to learn about history of Baku, and a gift shop. Don’t forget to climb the Maiden tower to get the most amazing views of the city.

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  • Palace of Shirvanshah

    Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site Palace of Shirvanshah is another medieval age historical hidden gem in Baku and UNESCO rightly described it as "one of the pearls of Azerbaijan's architecture." It is located in old city of Baku and as the name suggests the palace was built by Shirvan’s rulers Shirvanshahs and was their residence.

  • Flame Towers

    Located on a hill, the Flame towers consisting of three skyscrapers reflect the modern and excellent architecture of Baku and along with other buildings of the city, the towers make the skyline of Baku shine like beacon. Shaped like flame due to the fact that the locals used to worship fire in the past, these towers can be seen from far away.

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  • Heydar Aliyev Center

    Considered as one of the top attractions of Baku, the Heydar Aliyev Center is another magnificent piece of modern architecture. Due to its excellent architecture and design the Heydar Aliyev Center won the “Design of the Year” award in 2014. The center consists of an art gallery, conference, library, concert halls and a restaurant.

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  • Baku Boulevard

    Baku Boulevard, also known as Seaside National Park, was built in 1909. It’s a promenade where you can enjoy beautiful views of Baku and Caspian Sea. You can also have a boat tour here or enjoy delicious food from the nearby restaurants.

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