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Things to do in Chisinau - Moldova

Located along the Bic River, Chisinau, the commercial and industrial center of Europe’s landlocked country, Moldova, is located right in the middle of the country. This capital city of Moldova might be the least visited country in Europe but it is worth a tour as it is full of hidden things to do such as amazing lakes, numerous verdant parks and interesting wildlife. Take a tour of the largest city in Moldova, Chisinau, to stand awed by its nature or discover its history by visiting National Archaeology and History Museum. Escape the hustle and bustle of city and enjoy peaceful walk and fresh air in the wonderful Botanical Garden in Chisinau, which houses around ten thousand different types of plants. Enjoy the amazing views of the city from the top of Chisinau Water Tower or attend one of the many events this 22 meters high tower hosts such as concerts and exhibitions, if you are a budget minded traveler and want to attend such events for free, Flat Space is the place to go. Just make sure to visit Chisinau when the Yard Sale is happening, which takes place once in every two months and offers you a chance to buy amazing clothes, delicious food and local stuff.

  • Valea Morilor Park

    The verdant and beautiful Valea Morilor Park, located alongside a lake, has pristine nature which beacons to the tourists and mesmerize them. The beautiful location of the park along with many activities it offers has made it one of the most famous parks in Chisinau. Cycling, walking and jogging can be done on the large track around the lake while the park also offers swimming and fishing.

  • Chisinau Water Tower

    Built in 19th century, Chisinau Water Tower which once played a major role in Water System of the city, is now a museum and a popular attraction among locals and tourists alike. Don’t miss out on the great city views you can get from the top of the tower, and if you get a chance go to a concert or exhibition this tower hosts.

  • National Museum of History

    Located in the center of Chisinau, the National Museum of History was founded in 1983 and is a place where you get to know about Moldova's history. The museum’s archeological collection consists of around 23693 artifacts while its weapon collection dates back to 16th century. The interior of this popular museum is quite impressive and a trip to this museum will surely make your Chisinau's tour more interesting.

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  • Nativity Cathedral

    Built in 1836 the Nativity Cathedral is a stunning neoclassic building. No matter what your religious beliefs are, take a tour to this cathedral to refresh yourself and enjoy its breathtaking interior and exterior.

  • National Fine Arts Museum of Moldova

    This museum houses a large collection of national arts including interesting paintings, amazing sculptures and much more. Apart from its collection, the stunning interior is a reason to visit it. Do remember to take some extra money with you, if you are planning to take pictures in this museum as it costs a few coins to do so.

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