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Best things to do in Stavanger

Things to do in Stavanger - Norway

Twinned with Houston and Aberdeen, Stavanger is Norway’s oil capital – a title that has transformed a once sleepy fishing village into a buzzing small city. While the city’s outskirts are packed with glassy semi-skyscrapers housing the offices of Norway’s state oil company, the city center has remained remarkably intact with a myriad of cobbled lanes and clapboard neighborhoods to be explored. Gamle Stavanger, the old town, is one of Norway’s best-preserved 19th century districts and is also a hidden gem. Free from tourist shops, Stavanger’s old center is a picture-perfect network of narrow lanes, tiny fisherman’s cottages and wooden churches that are like stepping back in time. Beyond the historic center, Stavanger is close to the breathtaking Lysefjord and Preikestolen rock formations, one of Europe’s most death-defying and famous photography hotspots.

  • Preikestolen

    The view of the world from above the Preikestolen is a beautiful one. It is one that will remain fresh for a very long time in the memories of those that have paid a visit to this place. Preikestolen itself means "pulpit rock" and it has trails on it where tourists can pass to check out the world from the perspective of the top of the Preikestolen.

    Preikestolen Guided Hike

  • Norwegian Petroleum Museum

    A visit to Norway is never complete without treating yourself to a tour of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. The reason for this is not far-fetched. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum has exhibits that explain how petrol and other kinds of fuels are produced. You will be bombarded with interesting facts and tales about the history of the place.

  • Kjeragbolten

    The area is popular for its very Rocky formations. Of the most popular rock formations in this area are a rock that looks like a boulder hanging between two giant rocks. The hanging boulder is every strong enough to hold the weight of humans. Many tourists have taken tours to see this natural beauty, and they still never get tired of coming. The moment you take your eyes off the strange rock formation, your eyes will consume the beauty of nature in the place generally.

    Guided Hike to Kjeragbolten

  • Gamle Stavanger

    There is hardly a place in all of Norway that has more historical footprints more than the Gamleb Stavanger. As a matter of fact, the name of the place directly translates to "Old Stavanger". Just as you get there, the ancient yet beautiful structures from the ancient times will welcome you warmly to the place. There are also many fun things to do at Gamle Stavanger and delicious delicacies to feast upon.

    Private Tour with a Local

  • Museum of Archaeology

    Culture and nature go way back to the ancient times when there were no pens or papers and knowledge was only passed across through words of mouth and surviving artifacts from those times. The Museum of Archeology in Stavanger is one of the places where you will find echoes from the past in the form of archaeological exhibits and fascinating stories from those ancient times.

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Best things to do in Oslo

Things to do in Oslo - Norway

Oslo, Norway’s capital city, combines the best of Norway’s breathtaking outdoors with the cultural heft of Europe’s larger cities. While most Norwegian cities are clustered around clapperboard red houses, Oslo’s waterfront is peppered with a clutch of dramatic skyscrapers that are set against a backdrop of forest-clad mountains. Despite its modern outlook, Oslo has retained much of its 19th century heart with the neo-classical building remaining much as they would have done when Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen, the city’s most famous sons, walked the streets. What is more, despite being one of Europe’s most talked about cities, Oslo has a number of hidden gems, including the Møllegata neighborhood, which has transformed itself into Scandinavia’s coolest spot.

  • Viking Ship Museum

    If you ever thought that the stories about Vikings were just tales to keep kids from causing trouble, you might want to think twice. The Viking Museum in Oslo contains relics and artifacts and many other pieces of evidence of their existence. At the museum, you'll get see real Viking ships and have a tour around it. You'll also get to learn about the Vikings and how they navigated the Fjords. You'll also get to know many interesting truths about the ancient people.

    Viking Ship Museum Ticket

  • The Vigeland Park

    Vigeland Park is not just famous because it is the biggest in Oslo, it is famous because it is possibly the largest sculpture park in the world. On about 80 acres of land, the park has about 200 different sculptures which were all sculpted by Vigeland Gustav with granite, bronze and wrought iron. Till today, tourists and even the local people like to take tours around the park.

    Sculpture Park Walk

  • The Royal Palace

    Norway is a country that is rich in history and many of its traditions now have roots and sources from ancient times. At the Royal Palace, you'll get a tour of the most important rooms in the palace where crucial decisions are made every time. You learn a lot about the vibrant history of the people and get to appreciate Norway more.

    Private City Walking Tour

  • Akershus Fortress

    Do you think you've heard spooky stories about places? Come have a tour around the Akershus Fortress and it will blow your mind. The myths and legends that surround this fortress now include tales of hardened criminals and ghosts. At the fortress, you will also get to learn about Norway's most vibrant traditions and cultures.

    Oslo Walking Tour

  • The Fram Museum

    There is always a lot to see when you visit places like the Fram Museum. Of course, the Fram Museum has lots of unique artifacts that make it one of the top tourist attraction sites in Oslo. Tourists can get to see shows of the Northern Lights from the museum every 20 minutes and also get to see the famous texts in different languages that describe many interesting Fram adventures.

    Grand Tour and Fjord Cruise

  • Kon-Tiki Museum

    Not many people would have dreamed of doing what Thor Heyerdahl did. He crossed the Pacific with nothing but Kon Tiki, a balsa wood raft. He looks performed this great feat twice again on Ra and Tigris, two other Reed boats. The Kon Tiki Museum in Oslo still contains these rafts that Thor Heyerdahl made history with and it. A tour around the museum will also expose you to interesting stories about his voyage while you feast your eyes on other artifacts from the voyage.

    Oslo Highlights Bus Tour

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Best things to do in Bergen

Things to do in Bergen - Norway

Founded in 1070 and quickly developing into Norway’s royal capital and Hanseatic seaport, Bergen is Norway’s most historic city. Nestled at the foot of pine-clad mountains and wrapped around seven dramatic fjords, Norway’s second city revolves around the UNESCO World Heritage listed Bryggen, a picture-perfect assemblage of red wooden seafarers’ houses dating from the medieval era. Despite the palpable history, Bergen is an ever-changing city with a cluster of excellent art museums and a diverse student population giving the picturesque streets a metropolitan buzz. What is more, despite its relatively large size, the ferries that whizz in and out of Bergen’s fjords allow for easy access to the best Norwegian nature has to offer.

  • Bryggen

    Bryggen is an ancient wharf city in Bregen that has a history of being the biggest trading center of the city in the 12th century. Because of this, it made it to the enviable list of UNESCO'S World Heritage Sites. The radiant colors of the place can be confused for rainbows. Bryggen was once ruled by the Hanseatic league also in the 12th century and one can still find traces of their time in the corners and alleyways of the city.

    Sightseeing Tour with Guide

  • Fløyen

    The fun begins even before you get to the top of Mount Fløyen. You'll have to take the Fløibanen Funicular, which already attracts enough tourists on it own. On top of the mountain is a mind-blowing view of the world before you. The mountain has trails around it so you can move around on it to see the world from the different angles and sides of the mountain.

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  • Ulriken

    Of all the mountains that surround Bergen, Mount Ulriken is the tallest. The panoramic view of nature from the top of the mountain will remain fresh in your memory for a very long time. In fact, you can even get to see other planets from the far away outer space with the right telescope. But that's not all about the place. People taking tours to this place will have to get to the mountain top in cable cars. Isn't that just nice?

  • Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

    About 400 years ago, the Hanseatic merchants dominated the trading systems of Norway. If you still check the right places in Norway today you'll still find traces of the Hanseatic merchants, and the Hanseatic Museum in Bergen is one of those places. You will be given a tour of the whole museum where you'll get to learn more about the Hanseatic merchants and their way of life.

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Best things to do in Tromso

Things to do in Tromso - Norway

Located well above the Arctic Circle, the small seaside city of Tromso has been billed as ‘the Paris of the north’ by Norway’s tourist office. While the city’s similarities to the French capital are dubious, Tromso is undoubtedly Arctic Norway’s social, cultural and economic heart with a host of art galleries, museums and cutting-edge architecture that would make city’s double the size jealous. The city’s main attraction is the dazzling Arctic Cathedral designed to look like the flowing aurora borealis and plunging glacial crevasses. Beyond this, Tromso is famed for being the starting point for numerous Arctic expeditions, including one led by Roald Amundsen, which are detailed in the city’s Polar Museum.

  • Fjellheisen

    A tour to Fjellheisen is not complete without taking a ride on the popular Tromso Fjellheisen cable car. From up there, you'll get to feast your eyes on the beautiful city of Tromso. You'll also get to see the beauty of nature unfold all around you. To complement your visit to the place, tour guides will fill you with interesting history and tales from Tromso like why the place is called "the Paris of the north". Make sure you take a camera when going there, there are sights you won't be able to trust your memory enough to keep fresh for a lifetime.

    Arctic Panorama Cable Car Tour

  • Husky Hike

    Of course, it wouldn't be called a husky hike if there aren't any huskies involved. Take your time to admire the strength and intelligence of the Alaskan Huskies that will lead you on unforgettable hikes to see the beauty of nature. You'll also get to meet the Sami people and learn about their unique way of life. You can even get to spend the night in one of the Sami tents.

    Husky Hike Tour

  • Tromso Wilderness Center - Dog sledding

    If you've never taken a ride on dog- pulled sleds, you don't know what you are missing. However, a tour of Tromso Wilderness Center will place this opportunity on your table. While your sled is being pulled by nice looking Alaskan Huskies, you can feast your eyes on the beautiful mountains that surround Tromso. There's more. Over there, you'll get to listen to tales of how these Huskies are raised while you treat yourself to a nice meal of bidos which is reindeer meat.

    Guided Husky Sledding

  • Ice Domes

    Up on the mountains in Tamok Valley are the fascinating ice domes. Built annually just before the arrival of Polar Night, the ice domes make are a shred of evidence that nature still allows man to play with it. The people here are so prolific in the art of building these ice domes that they even build ice restaurants, ice bedrooms, and ice cinemas and the most mind-blowing, an ice hotel.

    Ice Domes Tour

  • Northern Lights

    There are a few things that beat the northern lights when it comes to beauty. Treat yourself to a satisfying tour of the Northern Lights and watch like an audience as nature itself handles the show. Tromso is another place in Norway where you can get to best enjoy the sights of the northern lights.

    Northern Lights Tour

  • Fjords

    While sailing on the Arctic Sea you can feast your eyes on the beautiful fjords and straits of the region. The region is also blessed with nice wildlife creatures like the majestic sea eagle, the eider ducks, guillemots, otters, reindeer, and many others. A tour around this part of Tromso will definitely be worth it.

    Polar Fjord Cruise

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Best things to do in Lofoten Islands

Things to do in Lofoten Islands - Norway

Stretching out into the Norwegian Sea like the skeletal remains of some long forgotten sea monster, the Lofoten Islands are filled with unforgettable vistas. The main islands of Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy are separated by the picturesque Vestfjorden and on each island there are a host of traditional red clapboard Norwegian villages to explore – complete with the ubiquitous rorbuer (fisherman’s huts) where locals smoke freshly caught herring over wood-burning stoves. In the winter the dramatic Lofoten Islands are a great vantage point to view the Aurora Borealis while in summer the surprisingly mild temperatures thanks to the Gulf Stream make the island’s ideal for rock climbing, mountain biking and taking an icy dip in breathtaking fjords.

  • Lofotr Viking Museum

    If you ever thought that the stories about Vikings were just tales to keep kids from causing trouble, you might want to think twice. This Viking Museum contains relics and artifacts and many other pieces of evidence of their existence. At the museum, you'll get see real Viking ships and have a tour around it. You'll also get to learn about the Vikings and partake in Viking feasts. You'll also get to know many interesting truths about the ancient people.

  • Haukland Beach

    Nature flaunts its beauty here in Haukland Beach with a beautiful combo of the fascinating Atlantic and the untamed wild. It's almost as if nature is always saving its best for this place. The nice view of the beach that spreads out right in front of you is enough to get you to want to stay forever while the wavy Unstad beach challenges the wits and skills of surfers. And just behind them are the beautiful wooden houses of Eggum. While you are at the beach, you can take a leisurely tour around the place and feed your eyes with the ancient Hamlet's of Kabalvag and Henningsvær. Their unique architectural structures and their rich and really Captiva history will make the tour worthwhile for you.

    Photography Tour

  • Trollfjord

    East of Svolvær is a beautiful place with nice sights and captivating experiences. A nice cruise on the clear waters of Trollfjord while watching the majestic mountains hide their heads among the and an intensely fascinating view of the white beaches on the shores all come together to give tourists the feeling of paradise. But that isn't all about this beautiful place. Tourists will also get to watch wildlife in their most natural habitat. Like that isn't enough, a tour around fjord offers tourists an opportunity to taste the delicious delicacies of the people, fish soup.

    Sailing Trip to Trollfjord

  • Northern Lights

    Nature treats people to a fascinating light show here in Svolvær but before you get there, you can get a taste of hot drinks and cake at Kabelvåg in the Norwegian fashion. While you're still entranced in the beauty of the Northern Lights, your tour guides complement the moment by telling you tales, legends, and myths of the northern lights. Apart from those, a safari walk in the serene forests, beautiful frozen lakes and among the ancient fishing hamlets all combine to make any tour to this place worthwhile. Tourists will also get to see the Aurora Borealis, popular known as the queen, from strategically placed observation points.

    Northern Lights From Kabelvåg

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